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How to get started in Sim Racing – beginners guide

Let’s assume for a moment that you’ve become interested in sim racing, and you’ve decided to commit to getting into competitive racing online. You’re looking to jump in feet first and commit yourself, but don’t want to blow the budget. You might be shopping around for a younger member of

Getting Started with a Simucube Direct Drive Wheel

If you’ve just acquired a Simucube 2 Pro, Sport or Ultimate then the chances are, you’ve “moved up” from a lower budget wheel. If that’s the case, welcome to the direct drive universe and the world of high-end sim racing equipment. It may be that you’re just a lateral move

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SIMUCUBE Direct Drive wheel bases – are they worth it?

A couple of questions often come up when I talk about the Simucube direct drive systems. Do they make you faster? Are they worth it? Well, the answer to both questions is yes, but probably not in the way you might think. As part of RSR Esport where we are competing more

Great service and an astonishing delivery time. Ordered SC2 and Asher F28 with bracket. Bracket was on backorder. Picked up on the Monday Afternoon by DHL and delivered at my house in South Africa the Friday morning. It travelled from Slovakia to Leipzig, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban then Home. All three parcels intact and everything I ordered. Kudos to DHL as well. Highly recommended.
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I have purchased my HE Sprint pedals from G-Performance last year and it was a delightful experience. So, I decided to purchase the Simucube 2 Pro and Cube Controls wheel from them. The service was very supportive and efficient. The items are packed very well and they arrived in good condition at my place. Thank you G-Performance for the great customer service.

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| Reference number: 30096 | Jun 3, 2021
James R.

Great service. This company takes care of it’s customers and are very easy to deal with. If you have questions or need help, they are very quick to respond. Their shipping is excellent! Super fast and all materials packaged well! Will definitely be buying from this company again.
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Joshua K.

Very fast service both in communication and delivery. The people at G performance took great care of the packaging so that my simucube and cube controls wheel arrived in one piece. Will definitely order here again.
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