Affiliate Reward Program – Terms and conditions

Business conditions for affiliate partners for the ecommerce store

By registering in the commision program, the partner and the provider of the commision program confirm their commitment to comply with these Business Conditions. The operator of the commission program is:

G-Performance EU s.r.o.
Daxnerova 1186/8
05001 Revuca
Company NO. 47647604
VAT NO. SK2024010813


These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the operator on the one hand and the partner on the other. The Partner is a legal person or an individual who has registered in the Provider’s commision program.

1.General conditions

        1.1 The commision program is operated by G-Performance EU s.r.o., hereinafter referred to as the Provider.

        1.2 An applicant who registers for the commision program is called a Partner.

        1.3 The Partner promotes the Provider’s goods through its marketing activities (eg on websites, discussion forums, email, social networks).

2.Rights and obligations of the Partner

        2.1 The Partner may request the termination of the Partnership at any time during its membership in the Partnership Program. If he does so, within one month he will be paid a remuneration for approved commissions until the day when he requested the termination of his membership.

        2.2 The Partner may not promote campaigns and products on websites, emails, discussion forums and social networks that are in conflict with the laws of the Slovak Republic/EU laws or in conflict with good morals.

        2.3 The Partner must not damage the good name of the Provider.

        2.4 The Partner may not order the goods or services of the Provider through its own commission link. If he does so, he is not entitled to the commission accrued.

        2.5 The Partner is obliged to protect its log in data to the commission software from misuse by a third party.

        2.6 The Partner may use the Provider’s text and pictorial materials provided for this purpose for promotion.

        2.7 It is strictly forbidden to promote the Provider by sending messages (email, SMS, on discussion forums), which are qualified as SPAM. If the Provider detects such activity of the Partner, it may lead to the immediate termination of the partnership and the closure of the Partner’s account. The Partner also loses any right to commissions that have not yet been paid to him.

        2.8 The Partner may use discount codes for promotion only if they have been approved for the given Partner. If the Partner promotes discount codes and coupons that were not intended for his promotion, he is not entitled to the commission.

       2.9 PPC campaigns are not allowed.

3.Rights and obligations of the Provider

        3.1 The Provider undertakes to approve partner conversions truthfully and without delay.

        3.2 The Provider is not liable for any damage caused by the promotion of programs involved in the commission program.

        3.3 The Provider undertakes to pay the Partner a commission for the conversions made by the Partners promotion program.

        3.4 The Provider has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The Provider must notify the Partner of changes in the business conditions.

        3.5 The Provider has the right to cancel the program at any time and without notice. All pending commissions will be honoured. 


        4.1 The amount of the commission is stated for each campaign separately.

        4.2 Commissions will always be approved after the expiration of the 14 days return and refund period.

        4.3 Commissions will be approved for those conversions where the goods or services promoted in the campaign have been fully paid.

        4.4 The partner is not entitled to a commission for canceled orders.

5.Payment of commission

        5.1 The Partner is entitled to the payment of approved commissions once a month.

        5.2 Based on the Partner’s request, a report will be sent to the Partner, in which the final amount, that the Partner can invoice, will be stated.

        5.3 The payment due on the invoice issued by the Partner is 7 days.

6.Protection of personal data

        6.1 The provider declares that the data will be protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the European Parliament and EU Council Regulation No 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and cancellation of Directive 95/46 / EC. (general regulation on personal data protection).

        6.2 Partners who have registered for the affiliate program agree to receive e-mail messages, which will be used to send news and information related to campaigns in the commission program.

Business conditions in this wording are valid from 01.03.2021.