Best known for their excellent range of steering wheels, Cube Controls will soon launch a sim pedal set, too. We’re big fans of Cube Controls at G-Performance, with the Cube Controls F-Pro being at the top of our list. Cube Controls make a range of different Formula and GT style wheels, Our favourites including the Cube Controls GT Pro, the GT Sport (entry level but just as well made as an Cube Controls wheel) the F-Core, and the Formula CSX-3.

Whenever you hold a Cube Controls sim steering wheel in your hands, you’ll notice a number of features whether you have the high end or entry-level wheels:

High stiffness / zero flex in the design
Very high-quality levels of finish on the carbon weave faceplate and aluminum CNC machined body
Very nicely made switches and rotary controls
Funky switch (bi-directional joystick, rotary, and momentary push-button in one)

Cube Controls easily compete with the fully customised wheel manufacturers, at a much lower price. A high-end, premium wheel for the competitive sim racer.

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