Heusinkveld are best known for their sim racing pedals: the “Sim Pedals Sprint” and their flagship Ultimate+ pedal set. The designs are inspired from their very early days designing and developing professional simulators from which their Pro pedal set first emerged. Since then, almost every respectable simulator installation has at least a set of Sprints installed. As ubiquitous as Heusinkveld are in pedal manufacturing, they also have an excellent Handbrake and Shifter line-up.

Heusinkveld also provide configuration software, compatible with the Sprint, Ultimate+ and V2 handbrake: Smartcontrol. In Smartcontrol you can adjust all aspects of the performance of your device, including slope curve (how quickly should the forces through the device be translated to input into the sim), maximum pressures and critically, profiles for each of your simulator platforms and cars.

Heusinkveld have best in class product support and customer service. They’re a team of expert sim racers and really know how to build equipment intended to last.

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