Cube Controls F-Core sim racing steering wheel - front view - mounted on rig - G-Performance

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Today, I have the pleasure of examining the latest addition to Cube Controls’ sim racing wheel collection – the F-Core. At around €469.00, this wheel stands to be a notable enhancement for those looking to move beyond more budget-friendly wheels like those offered by Fanatec. To individuals well-versed in the Cube Controls line, this wheel will come as no surprise. It carries a robust, tactile quality and communicative nature that genuinely impressed me. But, enough prelude, let’s delve deeper.

Cube Controls F-Core sim racing steering wheel - front view - mounted on rig - G-Performance

The Cube Controls F-CORE sim racing wheel immediately creates a solid impression. There’s a tangible sturdiness, a quality accentuated by familiar Cube Controls characteristics such as the carbon face plate, the embossed (hand painted) Cube Controls logo, and notably tactile moulded grips.

Moving onto the specifics of the Cube Controls’ F-Core:

  • A Brief Overview
  • Details on Material and Construction
  • Insight into Assignability
  • Connectivity and Battery life
  • Discussion on Paddles
  • Final Thoughts

A Brief Overview

In the Cube Controls line-up, this wheel aligns closely with its counterparts, with a slight distinction in the shifters. The shifters are crafted from nylon-carbon injected composite. I found this detail to quickly fade from my focus as I used the wheel – the paddle shift sensation was familiar, very much in line with my Cube Controls OMP Pro.

Details on Material and Construction

The wheel’s design is well thought out, with a lightness to it that pairs well with the grip material of my gloves. When paired with my F33L sim racing gloves, the ergonomic performance of this wheel really shines. I should mention, there’s no detectable flex or twist, the wheel maintains a steady, reliable feel throughout. The grip-to-grip diameter of 290mm fits nicely with pure Formula driving, an observation I made during my test runs with the Formula iR-04 in iRacing.

While using the wheel, the well-planned layout and ergonomics become evident. The grip is thick enough to hold onto during high torque moments, but the layout ensures easy access to buttons and encoders while driving. Adapting to the wheel didn’t take much time at all.

In the construction department, the Cube Controls Formula F-Core upholds the standard with a glossy 4mm carbon-fibre front plate, a feature seen on all Cube Controls wheels. The plate is attached to a die-cast aluminium main body, which provides the wheel with a firm, robust sensation while keeping the weight down to a mere 895g. I believe this to be the lightest wheel I’ve tested for a while – some wheels can weigh up to 1.4kg!

Cube Controls F-Core sim racing steering wheel 2 - iso front view - G-Performance

Insight into Assignability

When it comes to assignability, the Cube Controls F-Core shines with a wide array of input options. The wheel accommodates 12 momentary buttons with improved guards for “VR friendliness” and smoother race-time indexing. The wheel also incorporates 2 backlit on/off toggle switches, depicted as a vibrant green in our photos. Additionally, there are 2 front and 2 thumb rotary encoders, with the thumb rotaries located ideally for me – I frequently use these to navigate the black box in iRacing.

The wheel includes two built-in “multi-directional joysticks” (as Fanatec calls them, Funky switches…), rounding out the controls offering comprehensively – there’s no lack of input options here.

Connectivity and Battery life

As for connectivity and battery life, the Formula F-Core doesn’t disappoint. The wheel offers a USB / Bluetooth dual mode, supporting both wired and wireless connections. The Cube Controls Qconn to USB connector and integrated charging system simplify the charging process, while connection and battery status LEDs (green when fully charged, red while charging, yellow when low on power) keep you informed about your wheel’s power situation at all times.

The Formula F-Core is powered by a potent LiPo battery, with a capacity of 2000 mAh promising up to 40 hours of use, giving you enough juice for even the longest of racing sessions.

Cube Controls F-Core sim racing steering wheel 2 - rear detail view - G-Performance

Discussion on Paddles

Looking at the paddles, the F-CORE’s shifters are composed of a nylon-carbon-injected composite material. These may appear to be a step down from the aluminium and carbon fibre used in more expensive models, but this is far from the truth. The paddles are just as strong, yet lighter. They feel sturdy and offer a slightly softer, quieter tactile response compared to their metallic counterparts.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up, the Cube Controls F-Core stands out as an appealing high-performance option for sim racing enthusiasts, particularly those seeking a robust wheel on a reasonable budget.

Cube Controls F-Core sim racing steering wheel - front view - mounted on rig - driving - G-Performance

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