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Cube Controls are widely acknowledged as the best producer of sim racing wheel rims. I’m personally a big fan of Formula Sport as an entry-level, formula-style rim. I also have the OMP-GT Pro, which is fantastic for the Mazdas and Formula Vee in iRacing!

Today, Cube Controls have announced another addition to their stable, the new F-PRO which is is available now. This isn’t just another addition to the existing range, it appears that Cube Controls have gone all out and completely redesigned the original Formula Pro, with a new connector, revised grips, chassis, front plate, RGB lighting system, and paddles.

Here’s a great video from the team at Let’s Go Race showing some of the detail:

Everything is refined

Cube has restyled pretty much every detail we’ve become accustomed to over the years. Everything is refined. The CNC machined aluminum main body shows just how far forward Cube Controls have moved with their ability to form almost organic-looking shapes, the whole body of the wheel has a lovely flow to it, and the way the grips integrate with the body is also very thoughtfully done.

Cube Controls FPro wheel - G-Performance

Cube has redesigned the rotary knobs, still using the same anodization approach to the finish, but the grips follow a curvature, a very nice touch.

Detail work is to an incredibly high standard
Detail work is to an incredibly high standard

The machine work on the paddle shifters is exceptional, with rotary bearings now included in the design we expect these shifters to feel silky smooth.

 Paddle shifters with bearings in view
Paddles with bearings in view

The wheel now features dual USB and Bluetooth Dual-Mode connection meaning you can use this wheel wirelessly or via their revised port connection – a magnetic coupling called the Q-Conn connector. This, according to Cube Controls protects the steering wheel by avoiding stress on the power cable during battery charging and racing sessions in USB mode.

Rear view with new Q-Conn connector
Rear view with new Q-Conn connector

The RGB system illuminates every button and feature of the wheel, and it’s configurable! Perhaps you could sync up your RGB with your PC or just match the colour scheme with the rest of your sim.

Full RGB modes
Full RGB modes

The wheel features a double joystick (funky switches), custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles with the usually adjustable stop ends but built on a ball bearing mechanism for better tactile feedback.

And, as you’d always expect to see on a Cube Controls wheel, their 100% carbon fiber glossy front plate with the embossed Cube Controls logo.

Overall, it looks like Cube Controls F-Pro hase just redefined the standard for high-end sim steering wheel rims in 2022 and we strongly recommend you check one of these wheels out!

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