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In our guide we are going to give some quick insight and how to initially set up these pedals to get you up an running in no time. You can break down the setup process into 5 steps. 

Step1: Choose your mode of placement

Decide whether you will use the base plate sold by Heusinkveld  or directly mount the pedals to the rig.  Note that mounting the pedals directly to a 8020 aluminum profile rig will give more versatility.

Step 2: Mount the pedals

If you decide to mount directly to the rig, you will need to supply your own bolts and nuts. These can be easily found at your local hardware store.  However, pay attention to the mounting holes sizes, they are on the smaller side, so do not rush and make sure to get the correct length and size bolts and nuts.

A fine threaded bolt with washers on the bottom side accompanied by a lock nut will secure the pedals tightly with the ease of mind that the nut will not loosen during usage.

Step 3: Adjust positioning

Once the pedals are mounted, position them to a comfortable spot for your feet . First start by setting the distance and the travel of the pedals, and set the angle.  A more vertical angle allows you to push with your leg muscles instead of your ankle’s which will be more precise.   

Step 4: Don’t make any adjustments (run laps)

DO NOT make any adjustments until you run a handful of laps. Allow yourself to get used to the new feel, and do not make too many adjustments until you run a few laps. Even if you come from a loadcell pedal, it is still a learning curve.  These pedals have a multitude of adjustments which make them a fantastic product. Be careful of adjusting too much, too soon. 

 Step 5: Make adjustments

Now after you have settled in and ran a considerable number of laps, this is when the adjustments come in.

First focus on the travel and angle of the throttle and clutch.  Nothing complex here, just make it comfortable and make sure that you can press all the way through without extending the legs fully.   Next step was to adjust the pre-load on the throttle.  All these settings are dialed down to a personal preference. 

You can then focused on the brakes.  There are various strengths in rubbers which allow you to choose the pedal travel and the pressure needed for brake application.  This is again based on preferences.

Smart Control software

This software gives you complete control of your pedals.  You can choose the brake force up to 65KG of brake pressure to apply.  Go as high as you can while keeping it comfortable.  You can then change settings as your driving evolves. 

Also, since different cars behave differently in the sim, you should create multiple profiles to use for each car.  This is a very valuable feature.

In addition, if you are driving a car without abs, you can set a max threshold below the lock-up point of the brakes, for example at 85%. 

Thus way, the tires never lock up on initial brake application no matter how hard you push the brake; it will only register the percentage you have selected.

Heusinkveld Sprint pedals will provide very consistent braking and can be easily adjusted for every car you drive.

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