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The well-known 19-year-old British, who enjoyed his premiere for McLaren team in Formula 1 this year, did not enter this prestigious motor racing event by accident. His success is largely due to racing simulators.

While many people see racing simulators as a kind of fun and interesting way to spend their free time, they are the key to success for real drivers. Unlike other sport simulators, the skills and knowledge of the racing simulator can drivers use directly in real life. The British McLaren driver, Lando Norris, could tell about it.

As a little boy, he had been fond of various racing simulators, which were not the most professional, but gave him a clear picture of what a ride in open-wheel car was about. Of course, Lando also raced in real life, winning various junior competitions and slowly getting higher and higher in the charts. However, as he himself says, “Undoubtedly, playing racing simulators has played a key role on my way to F1 and it’s the area where I put a lot of time and effort besides my other racing activities.”

Achievements in virtual world –Lando Norris pretekársky simulátor iso view

Lando enjoys driving in racing simulators so much that even though he has fulfilled his childehood dream and is racing in a real F1 open-wheel car, he still drives in the simulator and even takes part in the iRace virtual racing championship. He defends name of the prestigious British team Team Redline, for which Max Verstappen races as well. He uses a top racing simulator worth £ 30,000 to improve his driving skills. He not only improves his strategy and control of the open-wheel car, but also learns the art of adjusting it to be as fast as possible. “E-sport is not just about racing. With the simulators, you can go much deeper into the technical parts of motor sports that make up half of the success,” adds Lando.

What life lesson to learn from Lando Norris’ story? Racing simulators are no longer just about fun, they are the perfect tool to improve driving skills and achieve your life goals and dreams in motorsport. You can build your own professional racing simulator from components available in our e-shop!

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