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The fact that F1 pilots use racing simulators to improve their racing skills is a well-known fact. However, Max Verstappen shows us that racing simulators can have far greater benefits for drivers than might seem.

But even after he started gaining success in a real open-wheel car, he did not give up on the racing simulators. On the contrary, he spends even more time in them than other Formula 1 drivers. During the winter break, he even competes in the iRacing Online Racing Championship for the successful British Team Redline. It is a perfect example of a driver for whom racing is not only a job, but also a big hobby. How does the racing simulator help Max to improve his driving skills?

G-Performance - Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 sim racing event RedBull F1
Max Verstappen at the F1 driver vs. professional sim racer competition

Max Verstappen made history in Formula 1 right at his debut as he became the youngest F1 driver at the age of 17 at the Australian Grand Prix in 2015. He is currently racing for the Red Bull Racing team and has already had 5 Grand Prix wins in his career. As is often the case with young boys, various racing simulators entertained Max before he started his career in Formula 1.

Top set-up and epic combats

The iRacing competition, in which Max Verstappen is racing, takes place in professional racing simulators. Mainly professional drivers who virtually compare their strength and strive to achieve the best time on the track race for individual teams. It is so important, that the racing simulators, in which the drivers are racing perfectly match the reality and bring the true feeling of a formula cockpit. G-Performance Max Verstappen F1 Challenge @ Playseat® Headquarters
Max Verstappen F1 Challenge @ Playseat® Headquarters

Only in this way, the drivers can perfectly assess the situation and control the car precisely. Engineers, who develop and modify racing simulators according to the driver’s requirements, face a difficult task. In Formula 1, even the smallest details decide over the victory or the best lap time.

According to Max, the greatest benefit of the simulators is, in particular, is fine-tuning of details – in the form of correct braking, correct racing line, which are so crucial for victory.

The benefits of racing simulator training are so obvious, and the achievements of Max Verstappen in Formula 1 are a clear example.

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