Looking for the perfect Direct Drive Wheel? Check out our Simucube guide.

Direct drive wheels for sim racing are used by every major professional eSports team, commercial driver training facility and FIA Formula, Sports Prototype and GT racing teams. For good reason: the detail that a direct drive sim racing wheel communicates to the driver is superior in every way to lower budget belt, or gear driven systems.

We’ve chosen our direct drive wheel range based on feedback from our customers and our own experience in the sim. Low latencies at high peak torque and solid constant torque performance means that the wheel can communicate precisely the level of grip your car has, every undulation and bump in the circuit and the detail of every apex kerb mid corner. This gives you the best opportunity to pump in consistent fast laps while maintaining complete control.

Reliability is also a key factor which is where Simucube direct drive wheels really are the best. The industrial grade engineering, motors and electronics are built to last and their software driver updates bring you just that little bit closer to the feel of a real racing car with every update.

Our direct drive wheels are compatible with all of our sim racing wheels.

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