Granite Devices – Simucube

Since the original OSW “Simucube 1” days, Simucube have come a long way in the sim racing industry to be known as the best manufacturer of direct drive wheels today. Their impressive line up began with the original Granite Devices OSW concept which developed into the Simucube 2 direct drive wheel series: the Pro, Sport and Ultimate wheelbase.

Included in the 2 series direct drive platform is Simucube Wireless Wheel Technology, a Wireless protocol to connect your Wireless Wheel compatible sim steering wheel to your Simucube 2. If you’re a Simucube only owner, the Wireless wheels from Cube Controls and Ascher racing make excellent companions to your setup.

Simucube’s True Drive software has seen a recent update to True Drive Paddock. You configure all aspects of your wheel firmware, torque, power, and Force Feedback settings and, with the Paddock update, can use the same settings saved by the pros!

Simucube have a very good offering of quick release (QR) hubs, notably the SQR and QRX systems. Choose either platform for a totally flex free connection between your wheel and your wheelbase.

Simucube is professional gear made accessible through brilliant levels of customer support and a genuinely well engineered, high-quality product.

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