We stock sim racing pedals from well-known manufacturers like Heusinkveld Engineering based on not just positive feedback from our own customers, but our own experience in the simulator too.

Ask any racing driver or sim racer and they’ll tell you the same – pedal inputs are crucial to controlling a car on track for the best qualifying time and in the heat of battle for P1.

The best pedals feature load cells to allow for fine control, especially the brake pedal and throttle intuitively. High resolution output and input sensitivity means that you’ll drive with more confidence, make fewer mistakes and catch slides before they happen.

Pedals such as the Heusinkveld Ultimates feature 2 way hydraulic dampers that give a sense of the correct weight and return as you depress the clutch, brake or throttle.

Always look for adjustability, configurability through software and features like load cell or hydraulic sim pedals for your next fast lap.

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