Modern sim racing platforms have huge flexibility for button assignment to allow you to control more of the car’s functions on track, like brake bias, differential settings, lights, pit lane limiting and a great deal more. So unless you’ve got the assignable buttons, rotary encoders and joysticks, you’ll never be able to truly simulate a Formula, GTE or Sports Prototype car without the right wheel.

That’s why we’ve chosen Cube Controls and Ascher Racing as our preferred manufacturers for sim racing wheels. Both manufacturers offer huge options for button assignability and come with such extreme high build quality and stiffness that you might even forget you’re in the racing simulator.

All of our wheels are compatible with Simucube wheelbases (either via USB or Simucube’s built in Wireless Wheel feature) and can be mounted via 70mm PCD adapters to any quick release hub including Simucube Universal or SQR.

Cube Controls wheels can be mounted to Simucube 2 Sport, Pro or Ultimate with the SQR hub kit included with the wheelbase or Fanatec wheelbases with the Fanatec Podium Hub.


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