On this page you find all the manuals and instructions necessary to assemble our  products.


Sim Pedals Sprint

Product Manual – version 1.3 (PDF)

Download SmartControl – Configuration tool for Sim Pedals Sprint.

Mounting schematics – Pedal mounting points & Sprint baseplate suggestion

Video tutorial

Smart control presets


Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate

Product Manual – version 1.4 (PDF)

Video tutorial


Sim Pedals Ultimate

Download Diview

Product Manual

Service Bulletin #1 – Throttle Damper Retrofit

Service Bulletin #3 – Direct Drive Wheel EMI Fix

Maintenance tips


Sim Pedals Ultimate Baseplate

Product Manual


Sim Handbrake

Product Manual


Sim Shifter Sequential

Product Manual


Find the instructions you are looking for here.

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Sim-Lab GT1 EVO

Product manual

Sim-Lab P1-X

Product manual

Triple monitor mount

Product manuals

SimuCube 2 Direct Drive wheel system


SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate

Product manual

Drivers (True Drive)

True Drive is a driver and configuration software for all Simucube 2 devices. True Drive is required to configure and use Simucube 2.
Download True Driver software