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The Asher Racing B16L-USB wheel button box allows the sim racing enthusiast to build his or her very own, unique sim steering wheel. With the B16L-USB, simply select your favourite steering rim and quick release (QR) hub to build the sim steering wheel of your dreams. Ascher Racing are known for their high build quality, setting the standard for durability and stiffness in the construction.

Expect zero flex in a sturdy, highly professional package.

  • Compatible with all Motorsport style 6x70mm PCD drilled wheel rims
  • Choose any QR hub including the Simucube SQR or Buchfink Q1R
  • Use with any DD wheelbase
  • USB connection
  • Supplied with magnetic paddle shifters

The 6 x 70mm bolt pattern drilling on the rear of the button box which makes it compatible with every popular QR hub (quick release hub) including the popular Q1R and SQR hubs located on our accessories page.

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Only 1 left in stock

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Build your own sim steering wheel with the Ascher Racing B16L-USB.

The Ascher Racing “B series” wheel button boxes are available in two (M) and (L) variants depending on the style of steering wheel you would like to mount. Choosing is easy: If the centre spokes of your wheel are horizonal then, choose the “M” variant. If the centre spokes of your wheel curve downwards, choose the “L” variant. See our compatibility table below for more details of compatible wheels.

Compatibility with all popular wheelbases QR hubs and steering wheels

The great feature of the USB version of this sim steering button box is that it can be mounted with any 6x70mm PCD QR (quick release) hub, on any wheelbase (all Simucube, Fanatec, VRS, Sim Magic and so on) and with any Motorsport style steering wheel with a 6x70mm PCD bolt pattern in the centre of the rim.

If you are mounting to a Fanatec DD2, you will need the Fanatec Podium Hub. Choose the SQR (Simucube Quick Release), or the Buchfink Q1R with the Simucube Adapter plate for Simucube DD wheelbase mounting, or for a MiGE based OSW direct drive system, try the MiGE QR hub from Sim Racing Machines.

As we have come to expect from Ascher Racing, the B16L-USB wheel button box is designed for heavy use. Constructed from CNC Machined, black anodized aluminium, the button box features an engraved Ascher Racing logo in the centre.

Tried and Tested: Ascher Racing’s Magnetic Paddle Shifters

Ascher Racing are famous for their gloss black finished aluminium CNC machined magnetic paddle shifters. The paddles have been built to such high specification that you’ll never miss a shift, the high-quality throw of the paddle combined with the magnetic forces make for a razor crisp shift, every time.

No Flex

Something we love about Ascher Racing’s high-end simulator accessories, you’ll will find no measurable flex in this very high-quality unit, making it ideal for higher torque, professional GT simulation applications.

High Quality, Ultra Ergonomic feel

The rotary encoders have a highly tactile feel top them, thanks to the knurled finish on the anodized aluminium knobs. They also function as a button when pressed, making them ideal for assigning black box incremental controls. The ergonomic layout of the wheel button plate makes locating the buttons and knobs easy – especially while wearing gloves. The unit comes supplied with a sticker set should you wish to make a record of your button assignments!


  • Can I use this wheel on any direct drive wheelbase?

Yes, you will just need to choose the correct QR hub. If you are not sure – contact us for advice. The wheel button box needs a USB 2.0 socket to work, Windows will recognise the device as a game controller.

  • How do I know if I need the B16L or B16M?

Check you steering wheel rim. If the centre spokes are perfectly horizontal, use the B16M variant. If your centre spokes curve slightly downwards, like many Motorsport style rims do, choose the B16L variant. There is no actual difference in size, it’s just the angle of the top two button modules that changes between the variations.

  • Do I need a special driver installed for this?

No, the device will automatically be detected by Windows. You can see it working in the Windows “USB Game Controllers” properties or a software application like DiView.

What’s included in the box?

  • Ascher Racing B16L-USB wheel button box
  • Labels for common steering wheel mapping
  • M5 x 35/40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount QR hub and wheel included
  • Replacement (weaker) magnets for paddle shifters


Installation and drivers

Mounting your wheel button box is easy. If you own the Simucube SQR hub, you fix the 70mm PCD adapter plate to the back of the wheel and then build up the SQR hub as usual.

If you’re using a different hub, like a Buchfink Q1R, you’ll need an adapter to convert your Simucube 2 to a standard 70mm bolt pattern before mounting the base side of the hub.

Mounting any wheel to the front is easy provided that is a 6x70mm PCD fitment.

Conect your USB cable (supplied) after mounting and you’re ready to go.

Useful links, drivers and manuals

Compatibility table

B16L-SC steering wheel compatibility - G-Performance
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  1. Mathias Meyer

    Ascher Racing B16L-USB

    everything ok so far. Unfortunately, no kind of instructions or description or explanation is included at all. The cable that comes with it is an absolute joke, it’s much too short, for the price I think I could add a slightly longer cable, very disappointing.

    Mathias Meyer

  2. Dorian Fore

    Ascher Racing B16L-USB

    Pricey, but very high quality. I only wish there was more adjustment range to the paddles. There is some side to side adjustment, but no included depth adjustment. Otherwise it’s a very nice piece of kit.

    Dorian Fore

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