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Build your own sim steering wheel with an Asher Racing B24L-SC wireless wheel button box. Expect only the stiffest and most durable construction and components from one of the most desirable sim equipment manufacturers on the planet.

  • Compatible with 6x70mm PCD mount steering wheels
  • Mount your favourite QR hub including the Simucube SQR or Buchfink Q1R
  • Simucube Wireless Wheel compatible
  • Battery life of 1000’s of hours
  • Supplied with magnetic paddle shifters

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In stock

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The Ascher Racing B24L-SC is a part of the Ascher Racing B series of wheel button boxes which are available in (M) and (L) variants depending on the center spokes on the wheel you’d like to use. See our compatibility table below for more details.

Compatibility with all popular QR hubs and steering wheels

The B24L-SC functions as a sim steering wheel button box drilled for a 6 x 70mm PCD steering wheel positioned on the front of the unit and a 6 x 70mm bolt pattern on the rear which makes it compatible with every popular QR hub (quick release hub) including the popular Q1R and SQR hubs located on our accessories page.

Simucube Wireless Wheel Technology

The SC Wireless version of this wheel is compatible with the Simucube Wireless wheel technology found in the Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate wheelbases.

On the front of the B24-SC panel there are 8 push buttons, 7-way joysticks (combining up/down/left/right navigation with an increase/decrease rotary action and push-to-confirm button press) and two magnetic paddle shifters.

Like all Ascher Racing products, this wheel button box is designed for heavy use. The B24L is constructed out of black anodized machined aluminium with a laser engraved Ascher Racing logo in the centre. As we always come to expect from Ascher Racing, you will find no discernible flex in this very high-quality unit.

Zero Flex

Weighing in at 700g for the button box itself, with a wheel and hub attached this will feel like a very stiff and sturdy sim steering wheel.

High Quality and Ultra Ergonomics

The rotary encoders have aluminium knobs with machined grips and function as a button when pressed. They have been designed for a quick thumb / finger adjustment and to be easily located especially while wearing gloves. During use you should not have to glance at your wheel to locate the rotaries, but if you do, Ascher supply a sticker set so that you can mark the functions of the wheels as desired.

Ascher Racing Magnetic Paddle Shifters

Ascher Racing’s aluminium CNC machined, and anodized magnetic paddle shifters are supplied fitted, with a black finish and an embossed Ascher Racing logo on each paddle body. The magnets installed are very high strength, so if you want to adjust this you can do so with the alternative magnets supplied in the box.


Can I use this wheel on any direct drive wheelbase?
No, you’ll need the USB version, the B16L-USB. Simucube Wireless wheels do not offer a USB port making them Simucube compatible only.

How do I know if I need the B24L or B24M?
If your steering wheel centre spokes are perfectly horizontal, use the B24M variant. If your centre spokes curve slightly downwards, choose the B24L variant. There’s no difference in size, it’s just the angle of the top two button modules that changes.

Do I need a special driver installed for this?
No, Simucube TrueDrive will detect the wheel for you.

Are the screws provided to mount the steering wheel? 

 Yes, they are included. 

What’s included in the box?

  • Ascher Racing B24L-SC – Wireless wheel box
  • Labels for various common steering wheel mapping
  • Standard 14250 Lithium battery included
  • M5 x 35/40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount QR hub and wheel included
  • Replacement magnets for paddle shifters

Installation and drivers

Mounting your wheel button box is easy. If you own the Simucube SQR hub, you fix the 70mm PCD adapter plate to the back of the wheel and then build up the SQR hub as usual.

If you’re using a different hub, like a Buchfink Q1R, you’ll need an adapter to convert your Simucube 2 to a standard 70mm bolt pattern before mounting the base side of the hub.

Mounting any wheel to the front is easy provided that is a 6x70mm PCD fitment.

Compatibility table

MOMO: JET, Mod 30, Mod 31, Team 30, Top Power D30
OMP: Asso, Kubic, Superleggero, Superquadro, Superturismo, Velocita
SPARCO: L999, Lap 5, Mugello, P300, R353, R375
SPORTLINE: Competition, Imola, Mugello, Racing 32P
OTHER: Fanatec GT, Fanatec Pudium R300, Motamec D shape, MPI GT13, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (original and Fanatec), RMD 320, Sabelt SW-733

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    Ascher Racing B24L-SC

    It would be better if the shift paddles had a wider range of adjustment

    Ascher Racing B24L-SC from HE-CHIEN CHENG-small


  2. Scott Greenwood

    Ascher Racing B24L-SC

    Bought to put onto an existing Fanatec GT wheel, worked great!

    Scott Greenwood

  3. SimRacing…ButBadly

    Ascher Racing B24L-SC

    Ascher Racing product, you know what it is. Top quality engineering by Martin as has come to be expected.


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