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Build your perfect sim steering wheel with the Ascher Racing B24M-SC (Simucube Wireless) button box.

As you would expect from an Ascher racing device, this unit offers exceptional build quality, with 8 x tactile momentary push buttons, 2 x 7-way joysticks (combining up/down/left/right navigation with an increase/decrease rotary action and push-to-confirm button press), 2 x protective button guards, and Ascher’s excellent magnetic paddle shifters. The “SC” stands for Simucube Wireless Wheel™ compatible – no annoying USB cable!

  • Long battery life
  • VR user friendly
  • Aluminium knobs
  • High quality momentary push buttons
  • Ascher’s excellent magnetic paddle shifters
  • Wheel and hub not included – build your own sim steering wheel!
  • Black anodized and laser engraved
  • High-end look and feel

This button box would suit an approximately 330mm steering rim for GT style racing. We’ve included a list of compatible wheels below.


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Build your own Wireless Wheel

Build your own Simucube Wireless Wheel with the Ascher Racing B24M-SC wireless steering button box. The unit has baked in Wireless wheel technology but a batter with a life of well over 1000 hours. That’s a lot of laps.

Motorsport quality

All Ascher equipment feels solid in the hands and this button box makes no exception. The B24 is manufactured in CNC machined automotive grade aluminium, front and rear, with a nice black finish and the Ascher Logo painted on both the front and rear of the unit. Expect absolutely no flex, especially when mounted to your Simucube 2 with the excellent SQR hub (available via our accessories page).


This 700g button box features 16 inputs. 8 x tactile momentary push buttons, 2 x 7-way joysticks, 2 x protective button guards, and Ascher’s excellent magnetic paddle shifters.

The push buttons used on the B24M-SC are high quality and super responsive. Each button has a satisfying tactile action and given their stiffness it will be very difficult to press these buttons by mistake. No more “brake magic” incidents here!

Each 7-way joysticks feature an Aluminium knob and have a good rotary and up/down/left/right action to them. They both double up as push buttons too, so assignability wise you could use these either for brake bias and ABS or controlling your black box in iRacing.

Ascher’s excellent paddle shifters included

The Ascher Racing B24M-SC features Ascher Racing’s acclaimed Aluminium paddle shifters – with an ultra-satisfying click and an initial resistance leading to accurate shit timing. Like the buttons, the stiffness of these beautifully machined and painted shifters will minimise any potential mistakes.

Compatible Steering Rims

MOMO: Mod69, Mod78, Montecarlo
320 S, Racing GP, Targa, Trecento
SPARCO: Ring, L360, 323, 383, R383, Ring

What’s included?

  • Ascher Racing B24M-SC
  • Labels for various common steering wheel mapping:
    50 pcs button labels each black and white
    72 pcs encoder labels (blue, green, red, black, yellow, white)
    Labels for various common steering wheel inputs
  • Standard 14250 Lithium battery included
  • M5 x 35/40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount Q1R or SQR hub included
  • Replacement magnets (slightly weaker) for paddle shifters

Installation and drivers

Mounting to your wheelbase is easy. If you own the Simucube SQR hub, you fix the 6x70mm PCD adapter plate to the back of the wheel and then build up the SQR hub as usual.

If you’re using a different hub, like a Buchfink Q1R, you’ll need an adapter to convert the Simucube 2 to a standard 70mm bolt pattern before mounting the base side of the hub.

The steering rim fitment is a standard 6 hole arrangement which is in use by almost every steering wheel manufacturer including: Momo / OMP / Sparco / Sabelt / Simoni / Motocorsa  / Mountney M Range at  6 x 70mm PCD.


Q: What wheelbases can I mount the Ascher Racing B24M-SC to?
A: This unit is only compatible with the Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate wheelbase, or the Simucube 1 if you’ve added the wireless expansion. The USB cable only charges the battery. If you want to mount this button box to a Fanatec, VRS, Simagic or OSW direct drive wheelbase then you’ll need the USB version.

Q: What fitment is compatible with this button box
A: Look for a 6x70mm fitment hub or hub adapter. The M5 x 35/40 mm screws, nuts and washers to mount either a Q1R or SQR hub are included. Any steering wheel with a PCD fitment of 6x70mm will mount on the front of the box.

Q: Are there any wireless dongles to make a Simucube Wireless wheel work with a non-Simucube wheelbase?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: How often do I need to charge the battery?
A: Rarely, if you leave it powered down between races. The battery life of this unit is 1000 hours!

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