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The Asetek Simsports® Forte® Formula Steering Wheel is a top-of-the-line sim racing wheel that has been designed with input from professional racers and sim racers alike. Asetek’s  goal was to create a sim steering wheel that can offer the realism of real-life racing while incorporating feedback from sim racing enthusiasts to produce a high-end sim racing experience at a reasonable price.

The result is a high-quality wheel that offers the best possible sim racing experience without breaking the bank.

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The brand new Asetek Simsports® Forte® Formula Steering Wheel boasts a sleek and minimalistic design inspired by Danish industrialism. Designed and produced in in Denmark, this wheel is built with deep precision and high attention to detail.

Programmable ARGB LEDs

One of the outstanding features of this wheel is the 49 programmable ARGB LEDs, which help to provide an immersive racing experience. The wheel is also equipped with 15 aRGB RevLEDs, 6 aRGB FlagLEDs, 12 Button ARGB LEDs, and 12 aRGB LEDs for the backlit rotary switches. All of these lights can be configured to your unique preferences.


In addition, the wheel has 12 push buttons, 2 two-way toggle switches, 2 seven-way “kinky” switches (“kinky” is the Asetek equivalent of “funky”), 3 twelve position rotary encoders, and 6 thumb encoders. You’ll not be left wanting for more input options!

Another notable feature of the wheel is the 2 contactless magnetic shifter paddles, which can also be upgraded with additional paddles.

All buttons, switches, and rotaries on the steering wheel are of the highest quality and are rigorously tested and validated in automated machines for long-term, daily use.

Innovative reinforced composite chassis

The wheel also has an injection molded carbon fiber reinforced composite chassis with a laser etched forged carbon structure and 2 mm woven carbon fiber front face. The wheel also has exchangeable handles and an easy-to-use, no-play quick-release which ensures stable data and power transmission without the use of cables, batteries, or wireless signals.

What makes the Forte special is that the steering wheel has a metal “spider interface” that adds to its rigidity and prevents flexing. This also allows for the grips to be easily replaced or upgraded to personalize the steering wheel. Currently, two handle sizes are available: a standard size for average-sized hands and an XL size for larger hands. The XL size adds 4mm to the diameter of the wheel.


Asetek’s RaceHub software is designed for simple, visual customisation and ease of use. It allows full button, switch, encoder, and paddle custom mapping, so you can tailor the wheel to your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the software has customizable Rev lights, Pit lane control and Pit limiter, Night mode, LED start-up sequence, Auto connection detection and Clutch configuration. This ensures you can make the most out of your wheel and get the best racing experience possible.

What’s included in the Box?

  • Forte® Formula Steering Wheel
  • Button Label Sticker Sheet
  • Anti-static Carbon Fiber Tweezer
  • Manual

What could I buy separately?

Available as upgrades are the “Magetic input paddles” and separate “Clutch paddles”.

Useful links

Racehub software


Q: Can I change the LED colours?
A: Changing the LED colours is quite simple as you can see so that’s something we’ll come back to later but just so you know there will be a different colour combinations

Q: Can I change the handles?
A: If you like a thicker grip, yes you can change them. The Forte has been designed to make changing the grips to something thicker, easy.

Q: What is the diameter of this wheel?
A: The Forte® Formula Steering Wheel has a 290 millimetre diameter. If you add the thicker grips, the wheel becomes 4 or 5 millimetres larger

Q: Are the grips stiff or softer?
A: Asetek has spent a lot of research time on designing a grip stiffness that works for their testing team. The grip stiffness is designed for comfort and intended to minimise fatigue. The grips are injection moulded and mount to a carbon composite forged laser etched carbon structure for durability and stiffness.

Q: How many buttons and rotaries are there?
A: The Forte® Formula Steering Wheel offers 2 two-way Toggle switches, 12 push buttons which can be configured as you want via the RaceHub wheel button configurator. There are 6 thumb wheels and 3 rotary encoders and 3 “kinky” switches (small joysticks – known as funky switches)

Q: What are the LED configuration options?
There are 49 programmable ARGB LEDs in total, configured via RaceHub. This comprises of 15 aRGB RevLEDs, 6 aRGB FlagLEDs, 12 Button ARGB LEDs and 12 aRGB LEDs for backlit rotary switches

Q: How are the shifters constructed?
The paddles are manufactured from the same materials as the wheel itself: an ultra light / ultra rigid design with a carbon reinforced, carbon composite material. The paddles are adjustable and the shifters are fully magnetic.

There are upgrades available too; you are able to upgrade it with Asetek’s “Magnetic input Paddles” or the clutch pedals.

Q: What can I configure in the software, RaceHub?
Race Hub lets you see the wheel in the UI and shows you the differently assigned colours of the LEDs in graphical form. You can configure your buttons, switches, encoders, and paddle custom mapping, customise your rev indicators, set pit limiting, activate “night mode” and clutch configuration.

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