Asetek Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

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As we come to expect from Asetek SimSports®, their sim racing products deliver on quality, durability, and engineering excellence. No matter which version of their direct drive wheelbase range you choose, you can expect the same outstanding user experience.

The flagship Invicta direct drive wheelbase offers a peak 27Nm of torque, features high-end 22-bit encoders, sliprings, and high end, custom electronics for a seamless driving experience free of cogging and lagging.

Born from input from Granite Devices and MiGE, these wheelbases are immediately up to speed with the very best that sim racing equipment manufacturers have to offer.

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Asetek’s  goal in developing their new range of direct drive wheelbases was to create the best sim racing wheelbases available, without compromising on cost. Make no mistake, the Invicta is not  a standard industrial servo motor and FFB controller. Instead, Asetek have taken fresh approach delivering innovation, just as they did with their award-winning pedals and steering wheels. The outcome: a superior product for the price.

High end provenance

Asetek acquired IP (intellectual property) from top industry vendors, Granite Devices and they partnered with MiGE, the top manufacturer of motors supplied in sim racing. Thousands of man-hours and testing has been invested in to developing the Invicta™ 27Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase from the ground up.

Expect unique electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, testing, and validation.

Cutting edge high-fidelity driving experience

The Asetek SimSports® Invicta offers smooth, highly responsive, and precise feedback to the driver, allowing you to feel even the slightest bumps and curbs on the road. The Invicta (and the Forte) wheelbases boast a resolution of 0.000085 degrees, or roughly 4 million steps in one revolution of the wheel. The digital encoder onboard the Invicta and Forte units are 22-bit, with all electronics on a custom, in-house designed PCB.

This is cutting edge,true high-fidelity driver experience for the money.

Danish industrial design

The Invicta™ 27Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase boasts an exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design that is sure to impress.

Designed and made in Denmark, this wheelbase is constructed with an anodized extruded aluminium housing, with RGB lit strips, ensuring durability and a very sleek aesthetic. Utilising Direct Drive FFB technology, the Invicta offers a peak torque of 27Nm (with a maximum of 40 seconds of continuous peak use) and a peak slew rate of 9.4 Nm/ms.


Race Hub, Asetek’s proprietary configuration software, allows you to setup and save your profile presets making it easy to customise your settings to fit your sim racing software, favourite cars, tracks, and conditions.

Everything can be fine-tuned in Race Hub, including steering range and wheel centering, bump stop hardness, and the wheel’s bump stop range. You can adjust the overall force, adjust basic damping and smoothing settings too.

What’s included in the Box?

  • Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • Power Cord 1.5m (depending on markets: US, EU, UK versions available)
  • Separate ON/OFF button box
  • Separate torque OFF button box
  • A 400W PSU
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • Manual (to be published)

What could I buy separately?

Available separately are the mounting options, depending on the cockpit you own:

  • Asetek SimSports® Front Mount (view)
  • Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount (view)
  • Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Tilt (view)
  • Asetek SimSports® Side Mount w. Tilt (view)


Q: Does the Asetek Invicta Wheelbase use Granite Devices (Simucube) Tech?
A: Asetek worked with Granite Devices to acquire some of their expertise / intellectual property because Asetek wanted to get into the wheelbase market rapidly. Asetek have then customised and developed this technology to suit their own market. So it’s fair to say that Asetek wheelbases have exceptional provenance.

Q: What DD wheelbases do Asetek offer?
A: G-Performance offers two flavours of Asetek DD wheelbase: The Forte wheelbase which provides a peak torque rating of 18 Nm and, the Invicta wheelbase which provides 27 Nm. Regardless of the wheelbase version you own, you get the same resolution and same high-quality electronics in both wheelbases.

Q: Does the Invicta have an RGB LED strip on the case?
A: Yes, both the Forte and Invicta have LED light strips on the casing. There are 4 LED strips on the Forte and, on the Invicta, there are 6 LED strips on the casing.

Q: Does the Invicta use a MiGE motor?
A: Yes, the motor design was created in partnership with MiGE who are very well known in the sim racing industry. Asetek have been very particular about their customisation of the motor, so it is unique to their products but carries very much a similar pedigree to Simucube products.

Q: How are these wheelbases tested? Can I trust it to last?
A: These wheelbases are high quality and have been tested for more than 200 million activations. In testing Asetek measure all of the critical indicators of the wheelbase to ensure that constant on/off use does not affect the unit. After 200 million activations and cycles, Asetek reported no loss in fidelity in in terms of the USB signal.

Q: What is the encoder bitrate?
A: The encoder onboard the Invicta and Forte units are 22-bit, with all electronics on a custom, in-house designed PCB.

Q: What do the USB-C ports do?
A: Both the Invicta and Forte wheelbases both have five USB-C ports on the back so you can connect your Invicta or Forte pedals or any third-party peripherals. Consider it a powered USB hub.

Q: Are the Invicta or Forte DD wheelbases compatible with Playstation / XBOX?
A: Officially, no, because of licencing. Consider Asetek for now *not* console compatible. The founder has hinted that this is planned and, in the meantime, the more hardcore sim racing enthusiasts may come up with a hack to circumvent this.

Q: What buttons are there on the Invicta / Forte wheelbase?
A: On both the Invicta and Forte there is a power on button and a torque off button.

Q: How can I mount these wheelbases?
A: There are lots of options:

  • Asetek SimSports® Front Mount
  • Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount
  • Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Tilt
  • Asetek SimSports® Side Mount w. Tilt

You can mount these DD units using Asetek mounts.

Asetek offer a table mount which is a simple and cost-effective way of mounting, although this is not recommended if you’re using the highest torque settings.

The likely most popular approach is the make use of the front / or bottom mounts with M8 threaded bolts.

To use the front mount, remove the quick connector on the front of the casing, install the motor case to the mount and replace the quick connector in front of it.

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