Asetek SimSports Invicta™ Clutch System

Asetek SimSports

The Asetek Invicta Clutch System is a state-of-the-art sim racing pedal that integrates seamlessly with the Asetek Invicta Brake and Throttle.

This clutch pedal has been tested rigorously by both sim racers and professional racing drivers to ensure every movement feels like that of a real racecar, right down to the very last detail. 

The pedal’s innovative design allows for quick and easy mounting and fine-tuning adjustments, while the material choices include black anodised aluminium and CNC machine-cut surfaces, resulting in a solid yet sleek design.

So, if you plan to race with a gear shifter, then add the Invicta Clutch System to your Asetek pedal set to complete your ultimate sim-racing experience.


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In stock

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If you already use the Invicta Brake and Throttle pedals from Asetek – a Danish sim racing product manufacturer that specialises in revolutionary hardware – and want to include another layer of immersion to your sim racing cockpit, the Asetek Invicta Clutch System is the perfect addition.

By integrating seamlessly into the Asetek Invicta system, including Asetek SimSports RaceHub, and thanks to the ultra-realistic movement of its powerful springs, this clutch pedal offers the perfect way to enjoy manual transmission cars to their fullest by making every gear shift feel just that bit more satisfying.

With black anodised aluminium components and CNC machine-cut surfaces, the pedal is as strong as it is stylish, and by offering several adjustability options, you can dial into your preferred stiffness levels and fine-tune the amount of force needed to engage the clutch. What’s more, mounting the pedal to your rig is made easy and will only take a few minutes, thanks to its pre-drilled holes.

When combined with the Invicta brake and throttle sim racing pedals, the Invicta Clutch System allows you to feel the finer details of your engine, respond faster to racing situations, and ultimately it adds more realism to your digital motorsport experience and lets you enjoy sim racing on a new level.

What’s included?

The Asetek Invicta Clutch System comes complete with:

  • Invicta Clutch pedal
  • Safety brief
  • Manual
  • Warranty statement
  • Asetek SimSports sticker sheet
  • M6x5 set screw (x2)
  • M6x20 bolt (x2)
  • M6 Slot nut (x2)
  • Washer (x2)
  • M6 Hex nut (x2)
  • Guiding pin (x2)

What do I need to buy separately?

The Asetek Invicta Clutch System is designed to be used in combination with the Asetek Invicta Brake and Throttle and cannot be used as a standalone device. 


Q: Can I use the Asetek Invicta Clutch System on PlayStation or Xbox?
A: No. Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with any gaming consoles and is currently solely for PC users.

Q: Do I need to install any drivers to use the Asetek Invicta Clutch System?
A: Once you install Asetek SimSports RaceHub, all drivers will be installed automatically.

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