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The best training tool for Professional Race Drivers and Enthusiasts – simulate real Formula 1, LMP1 or GT3 race car steering forces up to 30Nm. Feel the precision and detailed feedback of the Direct Drive Electric Motor.

Compared to commercial Sim Racing Steering Wheel Systems (Logitech G29, Fanatec Clubsport or CSL, Thrustmaster T300 etc.) there is a significant improvement in quality, sensations, speed and strength of force feedback.

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Cutting Edge Direct Drive Wheel System

Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW) is the best training tool for Professional Drivers and Sim Racing Enthusiasts. It offers the best of the class immersion.

Feel the precision and mind blowing level of detail of the road surface. Get the finest possible control of the car. Purity of the gearless direct drive force feedback – linearity, transparency, rigidity, responsivity and strength of force feedback is a huge upgrade compared to commercial Sim Racing steering wheel systems (Logitech G29, Fanatec Clubsport/CSL, Thrustmaster T300 etc.)
*OSW – Open Sim Wheel

You can simulate real Formula 1, Indy Car, LMP1,  or GT3 race car steering forces up to 30Nm of torque.

Typical applications of the steering system include:

  • Race driver training simulators*
  • Race car development
  • Driving licence training
  • Simulators used as a promotion tool
  • Military vehicle training

*ideal for teams participating in race series including:

  • Open wheel – F1, F2, F3, F4
  • Prototype – LMP1, LMP2, LMP3
  • GT – GT3, GT4
  • Touring car – WTCR, TCR
  • eSports series


Key Features

High precision and strength industrial grade Servo Motor with 22-bit BISS-C encoder (4.2M CPR)

Smooth, precise, reliable and compact, the high quality servo motor provides up to 30Nm (MiGE 130ST-M15015) of torque and has an incredibly high resolution feedback system. Real world steering forces can be translated to the driver in a powerful yet controlled way. A lower strength motor (20Nm – MiGE 130ST-M10010) is available.

Mige Small Motor with cables 1
MIGE Small – MiGE 130ST-M10010

SimuCUBE force feedback controller

SimuCUBE is based on the smoothest, strongest and fastest motor controller on the market, IONI Pro. This allows using direct drive motor for the actuator yielding unparalleled fidelity and torque dynamics range up to 30 Nm.

IONI Pro and SimuCUBE produces torque effects, such as friction, damping and inertia completely on a real-time hardware with over 1000 Hz update rate. This yields unforeseen realism through the simulator. Feel every detail.

SimuCUBE has been constructed only from the components of the most reputable suppliers like Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and Murata to guarantee the maximum service life. Also integrated surge protectors exceeding the requirements of IEC 61000-4-2 ESD standard will prevent damage induced by the outer world.

SimuCUBE with Ioni
SimuCUBE Force Feedback controller with IONI Pro motor controller
SimuCUBE Ioni controlled drive motor blocks
SimuCUBE controller diagram

Plug and Play

The system is very easy to setup and use. After the motor is mounted and all the cables are plugged in you can switch it on, install the SimuCUBE software which will guide you through the simple setup process.

Huge adjustable steering lock range

The design of our system could allow almost any amount of lock imaginable.

Modular system

The standard motorsport bolt patterns featured on our shaft Quick Release SRC allows you to attach almost any steering wheel or adapt a steering column to fit.

Versatile mounting

The compact servo motor is separated from the power/control box by two 3 metre cables allowing it to be mounted remotely at the end of a cockpit or frame with the box hidden away from view.

Real race car steering feedback forces

Indy Car

Three-time Indy 500 winner and four-time IZOD IndyCar Series champion Dario Franchitti  says driving a Indy Car involves a bit more than one might expect:

“In Turn 1 (Mid-Ohio racetrack at 150 mph), you have to pull down with the left (hand) and push up with the right to overcome 35 pounds of force (156 N or 15,9 kg), then do the opposite for the right-hander in Turn 2, and so on. Imagine a string tied to your hand where you have to pull that 35 pounds up or down constantly. There’s tremendous kick-back through the steering wheel on the new (2012) Indy car, and there’s no power steering, so every movement of the wheel requires a lot of energy.”

We can use the mentioned force to calculate the torque needed to turn the wheel.

The 2012 Indy car weights 4,694 pounds (incl. driver). The 10-inch Firestone slicks are pushed to the track by another 2800 pounds of downforce. We estimate the wheel diameter about 250mm. What we end up is about 19,5 Nm of steering torque during the 150 mph Turn 1 at Mid-Ohio racetrack.

2012 Indy Car

For a realistic simulation of the 2012 Indy Car, the smaller 20Nm Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW) would be strong enough.

Formula 1

We are using the available Formula 1 Tire model data from the beginning of the 90s. We can roughly estimate the steering forces to be in the region of 22-30 Nm, depending on several parameters: CG height, RC height, front to rear suspension stiffness, weight distribution, steering rack ratio and steering wheel diameter.

Formula 1 tire data 90s
Formula 1 tire data from the beginning of 90s.
Ferrari F1 1990
Alain Prost in the 1990 Ferrari F1

To be able to realistically simulate a Formula 1 race car from the 90s, we would need the 30 Nm version of the Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW).

Force Feedback of regular sim steering systems vs. Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW):

  • Logitech DFGT: up to 2.5 Nm
  • Logitech G25-G29: 2.5 Nm
  • Fanatech GT3 v2: 2.6 Nm
  • Thrustmaster Tx: 3.9 Nm
  • Thrustmaster T500: 4.4 Nm
  • Fanatec CSW v1: 4.8 Nm
  • Fanatec CSW v2: 7.1 Nm
  • Accuforce: 13 Nm
  • Bodnar: 16 Nm (2,940 GBP) to 26 Nm (3,240 GBP)
  • Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW) 20-30Nm depending on the configuration

Augury Direct Drive Wheel Components

Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW) is delivered mounted, configured and tested. Ready to connect.
Warranty: 24 months on all electronic parts. 12 months in the electric motor.

Augury Direct Drive Wheel OSW motor + controller
Augury Direct Drive Wheel OSW motor + controller
  • Servo Motor with BISS-C encoder (4.2M CPR)
  • SimuCUBE board
  • Servo Driver IONI PROHC (25A)
  • (PSU) Mean Well power supply
  • AC power connector module
  • Fuse holder (fuse included)
  • Quick Release SRC (Aluminum Black) (quick release included)
  • Stainless steel case exclusive design Augury
  • Electroluminescent lighting, Augury logo
  • Stainless Steel Servo Motor mount Augury design (adjustable from -10 to 20 degrees inclination)
  • Emergency stop button (e-Stop)
  • INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS AGAINST EMIS (electromagnetic interference). The Augury Direct Drive Wheel (OSW) electronic box as well as the layout of the components and wiring, have been designed for the elimination of EMIs, and any type of electronic noise, that could affect the operation of the OSW.
  • USB cable with Ferrites (Augury box connection to the PC) (2m)
  • Power cable 1.8m (CPU AC13)
  • 3 metre Motor power cable
  • 3 metre Motor encoder cable
  • Screws included

Steering wheel not included, see the selection of our wheels here: https://shop.gperformance.eu/product-category/steering/steering-wheel/

The Augury Direct Drive Wheel is shipped with the firmware installed to be used with the SimuCUBE software.
Start using your Augury without modifying any type of parameter.

24 month warranty

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