Chassissim Elite + Driver in the Loop simulator

Chassissim – the ultimate tool for solving your vehicle dynamics problem. Get a deeper understanding how your vehicle behaves, reverse engineer your tires and aerodynamics. Optimise ride heights, dampers, aerodynamic setup, suspension kinematics, weight balance.

Package includes a license of Chassissim Elite 3.32 including Driver in the Loop simulator 

Modules included:
7 Post Rig Analysis/Bode Plot
Auto bump generation
Aero modelling
Tyre force modelling
Mechanical setup optimisation
Aero setup optimisation
Damper setup optimisation
DIL – Driver in the Loop including several racetracks

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Expert tested and market proven: Chassissim.

Easy to use and accurate transient multibody simulation tool that’s been proven not only in the world’s most prestigious design offices, but also on race tracks. Just ask ORECA, which created the LMP2 class Lemans 2017, 2018 and 2019 winning car, the ORECA 07. 

ChassisSim logo
Chassissim data

Used by the ORECA race car constructor department as well as the research and development division.

« ChassisSim allows us to simulate laptimes virtually and on all types of circuits » explains Christophe Guibbal, design bureau director. « That allows us to refine, to the slightest detail, our simulations of setting up the car, especially on a Le Mans prototype. We can change all the parameters that we want, such as aerodynamics, engine, gearbox, as well as shock absorbers. Firstly, we did a correlational study to evaluate the program by comparing the results of the simulation to concrete data taken from the ORECA 03 LM P2, both in 2012 and in 2013, on several tracks including Le Mans. We were quickly convinced and we have since requested a specific development for our work. »

Chassissim - the development partner of ORECA since 2013

Industry game changing features.

  • Easy to use, accurate and fast transient multibody simulation tool
  • Simulate laptimes virtually and on all types of circuits
  • Fexible and accurate solver
  • Auto Curvature, Bump, Altitude and Road camber Generation
  • Aero Modelling
  • Tire Modelling – load, camber and temperature sensitivity
  • Mechanical Setup Optimisation
  • Damper Setup Optimisation
  • 7-post rig
  • DIL – test the drivability of your setups in the Driver In the Loop module

Years of field vehicle simulation and analysis experience of our engineers poured into Chassissim. Make this into your advantage and tackle any vehicle dynamics problem with ease.

Oreca Toyota LMP1 collaboration

Make it useful before making it complicated.

Our engineers’ slogan for working in Chassissim: Start simple, refine as you go. In case you need help, experienced engineers will give you a helping hand and guide you

Chassissim Aeromap

Vehicle model

The vehicle model has many parts just like a real vehicle: Tires, brakes, suspension, springs, dampers, steering, aerodynamic devices — all stored in a library you can quickly access.

You can build components by bringing in existing data such as bump rubber force curves or aerodynamic maps. You can do this quickly, thanks to data import wizards that work with most data formats.

ChassisSim allows the user to enter detailed vehicle information very quickly, and then run the perfect lap to see what it can do.

Track data

Bring in track data to understand how the vehicle behaves in real life.

You can create track data from logged data. You only need to organize logged data into a “Monster file” and you are ready to go.

Chassissim has several toolboxes that make your life easy:
Curvature toolbox
Bump profile modelling
Altitude and Camber toolbox


Chassissim track data - curvature, bump profile, altitude, camber
running simulation in Chassissim


Get a deeper understanding of the vehicle by sweeping through vehicle parameters such as toe/camber angles, ride heights, spring stiffness, bump and rebound damping, aerodynamic parameters.

By using the Setup sweep feature, you can easily simulate hundreds of vehicle parameter combinations.


The next step is to load the circuit and log the data to an analysis package of choice, then run it as if the car were running on the circuit.

It is easy to perform sensitivity analysis to make the car faster.

shop.gperformance.eu - Chassissim multibody transient race car laptime simulator - damper change Formula 3 - G-Performance

Actual results are colored and the simulated results are black. As can be seen, the speed, damper traces and steered angle and throttle are virtually indistinguishable from data. Once this information is generated, it provides an excellent platform on which to run any “what if” scenarios.

ChassisSim isn’t just another race car simulation package that only produces lap time. ChassisSim has a complete range of toolboxes that can accurately test every component of the car that affects its performance: springs. anti roll bars, shock absorbers, ride heights, gear ratios, engine power, wings etc.

Chassissim PC

DIL - Driver in the Loop simulator.

The key to understand the stability and balance of your car.

After your vehicle and track model are sorted out, and vehicle setups optimised for the best laptime, you can jump directly into the Driver in the Loop module to test the drivability of each setup.

Several circuit models are part of the standard delivery. Other circuit models can be imported as well. 

For the road surface the bump profile is used. It is a cost effective way to create circuit models.

shop.gperformance.eu - Chassissim Multibody transient laptime simulator - Hockenheimring LMP1- Driver in the Loop module - G-Performance

Several tests of the DIL simulator were done, including a front running LMP2 team and the results were in lockstep with the car tests.

Chassissim customers.

Jackie Chan DC Racing/ Jota Sport 

Jota claimed a hard-earned second place in last weekends’ 24 Hours of Le Mans 2019 after another strong showing against the world’s toughest endurance sports-car field.

Jota Sport doing a lot of lap time simulation work using Chassissim to be able to arrive at the event fully prepared without the need for big changes in the setup.

TDS Racing

24 Hours of Le Mans 201912-16 june Photo Clement Marin
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