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Chassissim Elite + Driver in the Loop simulator


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Package includes a lifetime license of Chassissim Elite 3.32 including Driver in the Loop + 1 year support services.

Modules included: 7 Post Rig Analysis/Bode Plot, Auto bump generation, Aero modelling, Tyre force modelling, Mechanical setup optimisation, Aero setup optimisation, Damper setup optimisation

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ChassisSim is a high-end multibody transient vehicle dynamics simulation software, that has been used extensively in motorsport applications. This includes LMP1, LMP2, IndyCar, F3, GP2, V8 Supercars and German DTM. It has also been used to tune road cars.

ChassisSim allows the user to enter detailed vehicle information very quickly, and then run the perfect lap to see what it can do. An example of the output is shown below:

shop.gperformance.eu - Chassissim multibody transient race car laptime simulator - correlation - G-Performance
Typical Chassissim correlation

Actual results are colored and the simulated results are black. As can be seen, the speed, damper traces and steered angle and throttle are virtually indistinguishable from data. Once this information is generated, it provides an excellent platform on which to run any “what if” scenarios.

To simulate a setup change, all the user needs to do is click on the car component to be simulated and change it as if they were adjusting a component on the car. This is illustrated below:

The next step is to load the circuit and log the data to an analysis package of choice, then run it as if the car were running on the circuit. Then it is easy to perform sensitivity analysis to make the car faster. An example of this is shown in Figure 3.

shop.gperformance.eu - Chassissim multibody transient race car laptime simulator - damper change Formula 3 - G-Performance
ChassisSim is a must-have tool for conquering the Nürburgring. The correlation of ChassisSim is virtually indistinguishable from the actual data, providing an excellent platform to play all the “what ifs” before getting to the circuit.
ChassisSim isn’t just another race car simulation package that only produces lap time. ChassisSim has a complete range of toolboxes that can accurately test every component of the car that affects its performance: springs. anti roll bars, shock absorbers, ride heights, gear ratios, engine power, wings etc. The toolboxes can be added to ChassisSim Standard only (ChassisSim Elite comes with the full set).

7 Post Rig Analysis/Bode Plot

This runs your car as if it was on a full 7 post rig analysis machine. It is the ideal tool to review the frequency response of your car. It then outputs the results to a data file that can be viewed in Excel or Matlab.

Auto Bump Generation

By using logged data and the vehicle setup, ChassisSim can calculate the bump profile of the circuit. The bump profile is how the road surface varies throughout the circuit.

Aero Modelling

This Toolbox allows ChassisSim to produce logs of Front and Rear Ride Height vs Downforce, Drag and Aero Balance. Simply put it is a powerful tool that allows you to determine the aeromap of the car.

Tyre Force Modelling

This will produce the maximum Tyre Force vs Load characteristics for the front and rear tyres, based on the vehicle setup and logged data. This is a centre piece for determing the tyre models for your racecar.

Mechanical Setup Optimisation

Given the upper and lower limits of front and rear springs, and front and rear roll bars, ChassisSim will autonomously determine the best possible selection of front and rear springs, plus front and rear roll bars for a given car and circuit.

Aero Setup Optimisation

Given upper and lower limits of downforce and aero balance, ChassisSim will autonomously determine the best possible selection of downforce and aero distribution for a given car and circuit.

Damper Setup Optimisation

Given the upper and lower limits of front and rear low speed and high speed damping front and rear, ChassisSim will determine the optimum damper curves front and rear for a given car and circuit.

ChassisSim Technologies, develops, and sells transient race car simulation and lap time simulation tools for the motorsport and automotive industry. ChassisSim takes the guess work out of setting up a racecar or prototype. ChassisSim lets the user run scanerios, so a motorsport team can prepare for a race weekend or ChassisSim can be used to test protypes in various situations. ChassisSim isused by Racecar manufacturers (Oreca), F3, GP2, Sportscars, NASCAR, FIA GT, V8 Supercars and IndyCar to name a few. ChassisSIm is also an Altair software partner.

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