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The tell tale pure carbon firbre front plate with the embossed Cube Controls logo says everything: you immediately know this is a high quality wheel using the latest in research and customer input above Cube Controls previous Formula series of wheels.

This is a huge step forward in terms of build quality and ergonomic feel – with huge assignability options and far more compatibility options than previous generations. We love the assignable RGB leds and love how Cube have made it very easy to customise the wheel with your choice of RGB colour and sticker placement.

This is the wheel to own in 2022.

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New for 2022, highly respected sim steering wheel manufacturer have set the standard for other wheel builders with their brand new 285mm F-Pro Formula style sim steering wheel.

Wireless exclusivity via Simucube is a thing of the past

Featuring a dual mode USB and Bluetooth connection, the days of deciding to choose wireless or USB are now long gone. With the F-Pro’s huge range of connectivity options you’ve got the best of all worlds.

The new Q-Conn connection replaces the old DIN style socket we’re familiar with on previous Cube Controls wheels, favouring a more robust magnetic connector, designed to mitigate stress (and therefore wear and tear) on the cable itself. Again, Cube Controls are listening to their customers and taking our feedback on board!

Cube Controls FPro wheel - G-Performance

The best build quality in sim racing

Build quality has taken a leap forward in this new generation of Cube Controls wheels too – with a lot of visual and engineered refinements to the the CNC machining of the main chassis, the paddle shift mechanism (which uses ball bearings for extra responsiveness).

Cube Controls F-Pro clutch detail - G-Performance


The steering wheel can be attached to any QR hub via 50.8mm or 70mm PCD fitment. The universal mounting hub comes attached on the rear and you’re provided with the tools, nuts and bolts to mount your wheel quickly and easily to most sim racing QR hubs.

For hubs, take a look at our accessories page. Thanks to the connectivity options, this wheel is compatible with any direct drive wheelbase that uses either a 50.8mm or 70mm PCD mount. As with all Cube Controls hub mounts, the second row of holes is provided with an M5 thread, whereas the other holes are undrilled with a diameter of 5mm. The M5 bolts you’ll need are supplied.


This 285mm sim steering wheel weighs 1100g. Paddle throw is adjustable at a distance of 3 to 6mm. The paddles are completely redesigned “zero play” short-throw magnetic switchless units with adjustable stop ends, ball bearing and improved tactile feedback The shifter paddles themselves are 4 mm thick and 52 mm wide and made of carbon fibre. Paddle position can be adjusted by 20mm. The paddle shifts really are very nice, with adjustable end stops and rotating about a ball bearing metal axis.

Analogue cluth paddles, mounted underneath the shifter paddles are “plug and play” but bite point can be configured in the setup utility (Cubesettings).

Cube Controls F-Pro Software - bite point

Buttons and assignability

The 12 backlit momentary buttons are 12mm in diameter and have a nice tight resistance to them to avoid accidental presses. On/Off toggle switches have status LED’s are located within reach of the thumbs, as is a thumb rotary encoder which is embedding into the wheel grips on either ide of the wheel. Two more thumb rotary encoders are mounted on the wheel chassis itself – on either ide there is a corresponding backlit plate that you can apply stickers to. Such as “Bias” / “ABS” and so on.

Cube use their usual aluminium rotaries but with a revised machine work. They have a nice tactile, high quality feel and an all new ergonomic grip design. There are 4 front panel rotaries, again with a backlit surround so that you can apply stickers of your choosing.

Two “funky switches” (multi-directional joystick with integrated encoders) now means that you’[ve got control of basically every aspect of your software while in-car – we love these switches from Cube Controls, they’re a “must have” in our opinion!

What’s included?

  • F-Pro sim steering wheel
  • USB cable
  • Mounting tools and bolts
  • Extensive sticker set

What do I need to buy separately?

As this wheel is compatible with any PC based simulator using a hub based direct drive wheelbase, you really only need to be sure that you own the correct QR hub. A QR hub compatible with your wheelbase that has a wheel side mount for either 50.8mm or 70mm PCD will work.

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Q: Can I mount this wheel to a Fanatec DD2 or is it Simucube only?
A: Provided you have a QR hub on your wheelbase that has a wheel side mount for either 50.8mm or 70mm PCD, you can mount your wheel to any direct drive wheelbase.

Q: I have a Fanatec CSL DD. Is this XBOX or Playstation compatible?
A: Sorry this wheel is PC compatible only.

Q: How is the wheel set up?
A: The wheel is plug and play and will work with your simulator as soon as you plug it in or connect to your PC. However, the downloadable Cubesettings application will let you adjust clutch bite point and RGB.

Q: Won’t those RGB lights flatten the battery?
A: The battery is designed for 40 hours full use. But, you an recharge it via USB!

Q: How does the Bluetooth aspect work?
A: The F-Pro uses a standard Bluetooth library to operate meaning any Bluetooth receiver connected to your PC (or built in to your PC) will detect and pair with it. A good quality USB Bluetooth receiver should be fine.

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