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The flagship Formula sim steering wheel from Cube Controls returns with a third iteration. The CSX3 has been the product of passionate feedback from the Cube Controls community, with the CSX3 being the embodiment of what sim racers truly want from their wheel.

So, Cube Controls are once again pushing the boundaries of the high-end simulation experience with the CSX3.

The CSX3 features the magnetic USB “Q-conn” connector, fully customizable RGB LED buttons, a full-colour 4″ LCD touchscreen at a resolution of 800×480px, and completely revised onboard electronics.

The wheel is manufactured with a pure carbon fibre front plate, with a Motorsport grade CNC aluminium main chassis.

Get huge assignability too; there are more buttons, encoders and funky switches which are all backlit with configurable RGB. There is an option for 6 paddles. If that’s too much, there’s a 4-paddle option too.

And yes, the CSX3 is fully SimHub compatible. This is the pinnacle of sim racing wheel technology.

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The ultimate in Formula Wheels, revised.

This is top-tier simulation hardware. The CSX3 is the culmination of customer feedback and the latest simulation technology in a sim steering wheel that weighs just 1143g.

The CSX3 comes with all the F-PRO features combined with a game changing touchscreen display system meaning that there are near infinite options for control assignability.

Because of the CSX3’s new SimHub integration, you can customise your dashboard layouts, create your own and alongside all of this, every controller mounted on the face plate has backlit RGB LEDs, which again, can be customised in SimHub.

Better software, better driveability

SimHub is an open source and extremely easy to use software controller for a huge array of devices in sim racing. In fact, it’s installed on almost every high-end simulator today. So the move from UGT to SimHub does seem like a “no brainer” as it’s simply the best software for the job.

This decision was born by listening to the feedback of Cube Controls users, but critically it makes the wheel more reliable, easier to use and far simpler to configure and customise. All buttons, dials and LED bars are compatible with SimHub via a dedicated plugin exclusively developed in-house at Cube Controls HQ.

Improvement in every Iteration

Cube Controls wheels improve with every iteration, not just the software and electronics, but the ergonomics and build quality. As we always expect, a Cube Wheel is a highly polished manufacturing experience, and with a proprietary tactile button layout it’s VR-Friendly.

All Cube Controls wheels feel like exceptionally high-end items, yet still the CSX3 has improved ergonomics overall with improved button guards and a better feeling elastomer grip. This is an endurance wheel, a formula wheel, an LM class wheel, or GT wheel – it’s up to you.

High button density for extreme assignability and game control

The CSX3 is a VR friendly ergonomic design with a lot of assignability. There are 12 momentary buttons, 2 on/off toggle switches, 4 front panel rotary encoders, 2 thumb rotary encoders mounted on the wheel body and 2 thumb rotary encoders embedded above the wheel grips.  There are now 2 joystick controllers or “funky switches” (the CSX2 had only 1 funky switch). Everything is backlit.

On the rear there are 4 or 6 paddles depending on your preferred option. For the most hardcore F1 drivers this means a proper launch control clutch paddle system is achievable, all of which is configured in-software.

Full-colour touch enabled and configurable LCD screen

All buttons, rotaries and RGB LEDs are compatible with SimHub via a specially developed plugin. Of course, this includes the high-resolution touchscreen, making the customization of your dashboard layouts easier, and opening a universe of options for full customisation either by yourself or by sharing with the wider community.

Mount to any Direct Drive wheelbase

The CSX3 can be mounted to any direct drive wheel quick release hub via the supplied 3 and 6 bolt universal hub mount to a 70mm PCD quick release system. We recommend the SQR hub for Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate or the Fanatec Podium hub for Fanatec Direct Drive systems. Wheel adapters to add steering column length are of course compatible too provided they are a 70mm PCD fitment. The CSX3 uses the normal Cube Controls approach on 3 bolts (supplied) so, if you’re already a Cube Controls wheel owner, this will all feel extremely familiar.

What’s included?

  • Formula CSX3 sim steering wheel
  • magnetic USB “Q-conn” connector
  • Sticker set

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How can I connect the Formula CSX3 to my PC?
A: Each Cube Controls Formula CSX3 sim racing wheel comes supplied with magnetic USB “Q-conn” connector from which it is powered.

Q: How do I mount the Cube Controls Formula CSX3 to my DD wheel hub?
A: The Cube Controls Formula CSX3 has an industry standard 3 x M5 70mm PCD hub mount on the rear which is compatible with various adapters including the SQR hub mount for Simucube and Podium Hub for Fanatec DD2.

Q: What’s the software to manage the Display?
A: Simhub, a popular “freemium” software toolkit manages all aspects of configurability from RGB lighting, touchscreen assignment, launch control and dashboard displays.

Q: Is the clutch on the Cube Controls Formula CSX3 analogue?
A: The clutch paddles on the CSX3 are hall effect sensors and are therefore, analogue. Critically, they’re configurable for whatever driving style and start procedure you prefer.

Q: Are the shift and clutch paddles adjustable?
A: Yes they are adjustable in reach and depth. 

Q: What is the product warranty?
A: The Cube Controls Formula CSX3 (as per European law) is guaranteed for 2 years. There’s plenty of support on hand and a comprehensive manual to get you up to speed.

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