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The GT Pro V2 Wheel series is the latest development to join us from the Cube Controls stable. Choose from suede, perforated leather, rubber, and other finishes, which each offer a unique grip feeling and visual aesthetic. The variations are all centred around the rim option you choose for the GT Pro V2 button box, so take a good look at your available options when selecting a wheel.

The GT Pro V2 is designed for pros, enthusiasts, and intermediate sim racers alike, with all of the latest refinements from Cube Controls included in the button box, paddles, ergonomics and more.

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GT Pro V2 Wheel Rims

This is where you might want to begin when choosing the correct variation for you. The Cube Controls GT Pro V2 wheel offers two primary variations in the wheel rim shape: the “D-Shape” rim and the “GT-Zero” rim.

The GT-Zero rim is characterized by its distinctive open top shape and is available in a 300 mm size. It’s designed for classic GT cars and provides a unique feel and ergonomic advantage in certain racing simulations, especially at high torque levels (or classic, heavy cars with no power steering!). If you were a fan of the original GT Zero wheel – the GT PRO V2 Zero is the successor.

The ”D-Shaped” rim features a more typical, touring car / sports GT 320mm diameter rim, with a flat bottom. This will be a very familiar shaped rim to almost all owners of rims like the excellent “GT Pro” wheel series.

There are different rim material choices available, too:
– GT PRO V2 Zero Suede (GT- Zero Suede rim)
– GT PRO V2 Zero Rubber (GT- Zero Rubber rim)
– GT PRO V2 – Reparto Corse Suede (Italian suede leather)
– GT PRO V2 – Reparto Corse Perforated (Italian perforated leather)
– GT PRO V2 Sport (Cube “Sport” Rim)

Each GT Pro V2 wheel is meticulously crafted, with that usual Cube Controls refinement that we love, boasting high-quality material options for the rim (listed above). Cube Controls wheels tend to be highly durable and take very little effort to care for. Of course, the suede variations always need a little care to keep in great shape, but this won’t come as any surprise to a sim racer – wear gloves, and occasionally brush your suede to keep it fresh!
Every version of this wheel has that high-end feel, and we always feel that “just right” sensation when racing with any Cube Controls gear.

GT Pro V2 Button Box

The button box includes two RGB toggle switches and two thumb rotaries on the sides, each with RGB backlighting.

There are two regular rotaries with nicely machined aluminum knobs (labelled as “ABS” and “SCRL”, and two additional “funky switches” with a blue aluminum knob on top, making them easily reachable while driving.

Six plastic RGB momentary push buttons feature on the carbon faceplate, with two rotary thumb dials within easy reach. These controls are fully configurable via SimHub or via CubeSet (Cube Controls’s proprietary software). Of course, the assignment of the controls themselves is entirely up to you and can be easily managed in your simulation software settings.

Around the back of the wheel, as always, is where you’ll find the latest iteration of Cube Controls shifter paddles, custom-designed magnetic switchless shifter paddles, made from high-quality machined aluminium. Their zero play and adjustable stop ends provide satisfying tactile feedback, without being noisy or too stiff. There’s an option for additional dual clutch paddles too. Cube Controls paddles have a nice accuracy to them that helps you avoid mis-shifts or mistakes that might end your race.

Technical Specifications:
Diameter: 300-320 mm
Grip Diameter: 36 mm
Weight: Varies by model and options selected (603 gr to 1459 gr)
Connectivity: Bluetooth or the magnetic (and very good) Q-CONN Cable
Battery: 1500mAh LiPo, up to 40 hours of constant use between charges

What’s in the box?

  • GT Pro V2 Button Box
  • Rim (as per variant – if you choose button box, no rim is included)
  • Hub (not included with the button box)
  • QConn Cable
  • Stickers
  • Mounting accessories


  • Compatible with all formula-style quick release hubs (70mm PCD)
  • Other Various Cube Controls add-ons and accessories
  • SimHub
  • CubeSet

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How can I calibrate the shifter paddles?
The shifter and clutch paddles are easily adjustable via the CubeSet software.

Is the Bluetooth connection reliable?
Yes, with near-zero input lag. A good Bluetooth Receiver adapter is recommended. If your motherboard has Bluetooth built in, we recommend you attach the small aerial it was supplied with, if it was supplied with one.

What is the diameter of the rim?
The D-Shaped rim is 320 mm, and the Zero rim, 300mm with a maximum grip diameter of 36 mm.

What items are included in the box?
The package includes the button box, rim, hub, badge, cable, stickers, and accessories.

Are there different colour options?
Yes, colour options are available depending on the model – take a look at the options available for your preferred model.

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Reparto Corse Perforated, Zero Rubber, Button box only


2-paddles, 4-paddles