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Step into the future of sim racing with the brand new Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel, a revolutionary new collaboration between Cube Controls and Mercedes-AMG.

Designed for the ultimate immersive experience, this wheel brings the high-adrenaline rush of GT series racing right to your simulator setup, with all of our favourite Cube Controls refinements on top.

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Purchase this product to earn 705-759 Points worth 14,10 -15,18  + VAT, or multiplied by up to 3x, depending on your Loyalty level. Log in to collect and redeem points!

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The Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel is not just a steering wheel; it’s a testament to the intense thrill of Motorsport. Born from the fusion of Cube Controls’ cutting-edge manufacturing technology and Mercedes-AMG’s racing legacy, this wheel offers an opportunity to have an officially endorsed sim racing wheel attached to your wheelbase.

Every detail, from its state-of-the-art design to the tactile feedback, is meticulously crafted to mirror the quality and performance of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series cars.

The wheel’s construction features the same shifters used in high-end GT vehicles, ensuring precision control in the most demanding racing sessions. Its ergonomic design, inspired by pro-racers’ insights, guarantees comfort and stability, allowing you to navigate the most challenging tracks with confidence.


The wheel’s robust construction showcases a grip-to-grip diameter of 320 mm, ensuring a realistic and comfortable handling experience. The use of genuine suede for the grip material emphasizes luxury and comfort, while the wheel’s overall weight of 873g provides a balanced, authentic feel reminiscent of real-world racing dynamics.


With an array of programmable buttons and rotary encoders, the Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel offers plenty of customisation options. Each input is designed for responsiveness and reliability, allowing racers to fine-tune their in-game controls for optimal performance.

Comes equipped with an array of buttons, rotaries, and paddles designed to offer comprehensive control and a realistic racing experience. Here’s a typical configuration you might expect on such a wheel:

Paddles: 2 (usually used for shifting gears)
Push Buttons: 10 (fully assignable to whatever functions you need such as DRS activation, Pit Speed Limiter, Headlight flash and so on)
Rotary Encoders: 2 (used for on-the-fly adjustments to vehicle settings such as ABS, Bias or whatever you prefer).
Multi-directional encoders: 2 9-way multi-directional encoders with rotary function.


The shifters, constructed with anodized aluminum and featuring carbon fibre plates, offer a tactile and auditory feedback that adds depth, not intrusion, in to your sim racing sessions. These revised, high-spec shifters are adjustable, providing a personalized throw and tension feel, replicating the Mercedes-AMG’s real-world racing approach. They’re completely anodized (except for the carbon paddle plates) and look very neat and tidy, with a new, narrow body on the back of this wheel’s chassis.

Technical Specifications:

Grip-to-Grip Wheel Diameter: 320 mm
Grip Material: Genuine Suede
Weight: 873g
Bolt Pattern: 70 mm PCD
Hole thread Size: M5 – 5mm

What’s in the Box?

  • Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel
  • USB cable
  • User Manual
  • Set of Cube Controls stickers, tools and nuts

Useful Links:

User manual


Q: What makes the Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel unique compared to other sim racing wheels?
A: The Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel stands out due to its exclusive collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, offering a design and performance level that mirrors real-world GT racing vehicles.

Q: Can I customise the button assignments on the SIM Wheel?
A: Yes, the wheel offers multiple programmable buttons and rotary encoders, allowing for extensive customisation (assignability) to suit your racing preferences.

Q: How does the wheel’s construction contribute to a realistic sim racing experience?
A: The wheel features high-quality materials, including genuine suede and precision-engineered shifters, providing a tactile experience that closely resembles interacting with the wheel under actual racing conditions.

Q: Is this wheel compatible with my existing sim racing setup?
A: The Mercedes-AMG – GT Edition SIM Wheel is designed for broad compatibility. The 70mm PCD universal hub adapter will mount to any QR hub that is known to be compatible with your wheelbase be it Simucube, Fanatec or other.

Q: How do I maintain the suede material on the wheel?
A: The suede on the wheel is durable and designed for extended use. Regular gentle cleaning with a brush to remove dirt and sweat will help maintain its quality and comfort. Better, glove use is highly recommended to help maintain this wheel.

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