Cube Controls Thrustmaster adapter


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3D printed Thrustmaster control adapter, compatible with all models equipped with screwdriver fastening. It fits all Cube Controls GT and Formula steering wheels.

Hardware is included.

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Available on backorder

Cube Controls Thrustmaster adapter – make your simulator special

Do you use Thrustmaster with a serial steering wheel in your simulator? You can easily upgrade your driving experience to a new level with a new steering wheel from Cube Controls – this simple adapter enables it!

It is a common rule that professional racers and drivers on simulators equip their simulators according to their preferences. After some time, most professionals find out which steering wheels, pedals, seats and other hardware elements fit them best and then use them. If you bought the Thrustmaster steering wheel a long time ago and would like to try something better and more professional, you don’t have to get rid of it and buy a completely new gear shifter and steering wheel.

However, the Thrustmaster driving is known for its very good quality and decent simulation capabilities. Its main advantage is the fact that it allows for quite easy dismounting of the serial steering wheel and to mount a different one on it. If you found your new steering wheel favorite in the Cube Controls offer, the solution is simple – Cube Controls Thrustmaster adapter through which you mount your new steering wheel on a Thrustmaster driving unit in a few minutes.

Discover new possibilities

The professional steering wheel from Cube Controls lets you discover new possibilities that you may have never discovered with an old steering wheel. You will acknowledge yourself that the Thrustmaster steering wheels are not always the most ergonomic and you cannot feel the road through them as much as you might like. Thrustmaster driving itself has the potential to bring the driver a much better experience. The new Cube Controls steering wheel will help you “squeeze” the maximum out of it.

You do not have to worry that after changing the steering wheel the whole system will work worse. The Cube Controls Thrustmaster adapter attaches your new steering wheel to the driving stand extremely firmly and durably, so you don’t have to worry about damaging anything when driving on the edge. Finding new limits can start!

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