Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel

Cube Controls

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Formula 1 steering wheel, integrated 4.3″ LCD screen, full RPM and warning led, custom backlit buttons and CNC machined aluminum knobs.

Fully adjustable carbon/aluminum magnetic paddle shifters and clutches, full carbon front and back plate. Fits standard 3 holes 50,8mm PCD adapters.

Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1/2

NEW: Aluminium hub contains 50 and 70mm PCD.

Expected 40 working days till delivery for the standard version. For other versions, there is a waiting time of 50-60 working days.

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How does the Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel help you become a better racing driver?

If you watch Formula 1 carefully, you certainly did not miss Max Verstappens exceptional overtaking maneuver at the Grand Prix of Belgium in 2015. Do you know, that this maneuver was not spontaneous, but was prepared in advance? A professional simulator, in which all F1 drivers improve their driving skills, plays a big role in it. - Cube Controls Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel iso view 4

Professional Racing Simulator – Perfectly simulated car and track physics

One of the basic components of professional racing simulators is a good steering wheel. However, we are not talking about “toy” formula simulators. We are speaking about professional simulators, which are able to perfectly simulate car and track physics. A simulator consists of a chassis with screens, seat, pedals, steering wheel, gaming PC and advanced simulation software. And what is the role of Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel in such a simulator? - Cube Controls Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel iso view 3

Exceptional design and engineering

The Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel primarily impresses with its design. Its shape, diameter of 28.2 centimeters and the layout of the controls are virtually the same, as the real Formula 1 steering wheel. The wheel includes a LCD screen, with the option of displaying data and LED shift indicators at the top of the steering wheel. - Cube Controls Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel iso view

Top materials and quality

But it’s not only about design. The Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel design itself is worthy of a real Formula 1 car. The steering wheel body is made of a combination of genuine carbon fiber composite and aluminum parts. A good grip is guaranteed by rubber grips. The operation of buttons, knobs, and levers on the rear of the steering wheel is optimized to perfection and allows the driver to control the car accurately. - Cube Controls Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel iso view 2

Perfect feeling of car behavior

By attaching the Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel to a good Direct Drive module that simulates the transmission of steering wheel forces, the pilot can feel the car’s behavior and experience real circuit situations. Not surprisingly, this steering wheel is so popular between Formula 1 drivers. The Cube Controls steering wheel, for example, is used by Lando Norris, a McLaren F1 rider in its simulator.

The Formula CSX Sim Racing Wheel is compatible with Thrustmaster and Logitech.

Steering wheel specification:

  • 4,3 ”color LCD display with complete customization of the displayed data and PC configuration
  • 13 buttons, two of them with switch and LED indicator (useful as pit limiter, neutral)
  • Two on/off switches with LED
  • Transparent button headers with customizable design
  • 2 front rotary position sensors
  • 2 rotary sensors to inches
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated sensor
  • Shift and clutch levers with magnetic sensor and design adaptability
  • Clutch with Launch control
  • Carbon fiber front
  • Customizable rubber grips
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Steering wheel hub compatible with all quick release formula hubs (3 screws, 1-inch PCD)
  • Weight: 1180 grams
  • VR friendly
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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 25 cm

Cube Controls

Aluminium Hub and Paddels

Black 50/70mm (€0.00), Red 50/70mm (€27.00), Blue 50/70mm (€37.00)

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