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Formula steering wheel for a professional racing simulator with standard (non-backlit) resin buttons. Fully adjustable carbon/aluminum gear and clutch shifters, front of the steering wheel made of carbon. Mounting through standard 3-hole 50.8 mm PCD adapters.

Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1/2

NEW: Aluminium hub contains 50 and as well 70mm PCD

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3 in stock (can be backordered)

Formula Lite Sim Racing Wheel – lite, but still hardcore

The cheaper version of the Formula Pro steering wheel, used by Lando Norris himself, a Formula 1 driver for McLaren team, it has been reduced in a few minor details, but still brings a full-featured experience and a perfect simulation of driving a real formula. What benefits will the Formula Lite steering wheel bring to your racing simulator?

Formula Lite steering wheel developers were keen to fit its proportions to the steering wheel in a real formula. Thanks to the specially shaped grips it fits perfectly in your hand, your fingertips will be delighted with precisely designed resin buttons ready for hard handling. Although not all buttons are not backlit, two of them are equipped with a LED indicator.

Rigid controllers

The real formula steering wheel is also matched by rotary controllers and joystick in typical locations where they are easily accessible to the driver in every driving situation. On the rear of the Formula Lite steering wheel you will find shifters for controlling clutch and gear shifting, whose pressing is not sensed by a simple hardware button, but by a magnetic sensor that improves running accuracy and shifters’ response to pressing. The clutch system is also equipped with Launch control function.


Top materials

Hardcore fans of formula and racing simulators will also be delighted by the materials that the Formula Lite steering wheel is made of. The front part and the gear and clutch shifters are made of carbon, the other parts of the steering wheel are made of precisely processed aluminum parts. Simply, when you touch any part of the steering wheel, you will feel the highest possible quality of processing.

For real drivers

Only a real racer can appreciate the importance of the details that the Formula Lite steering wheel is equipped with. In the world of formula, seconds that can be obtained exactly by precise controlling, decide on the victory. The driver cannot afford to make the slightest mistake and must get in the real formula already knowing the circuit perfectly from training on the racing simulator. The perfect connection of the rider with the virtual formula car, that the Formula Lite steering wheel enables, will allow you to train realistic driving maneuvers and the right trace on the track. You can then easily transfer your skills to the real formula car.

Choose the highest quality and train as a professional – the formula is about details!

Q: How can I connect it on my PC?
A: Each wheel comes with its own coiled USB cable. Any USB 2.0 port will work.

Q: Ho can I attach it to my FFB base?
A: Our wheel hub have an industry standard 3 M5 holes 50,8mm PCD compatible with various adapters. We can provide them for Thrustmaster and Logitech bases, as well as most DD units. 50,8mm Q1R will fit directly.
We also have available 50.8mm to 70mm 6 M5 holes conversion adapters.

Q: Is the clutch on the Formula wheels analog?
A: Yes it is. Both are mapped on the same axis, with the left one can be adjusted using the launch control potentiometer.

Q: Are the shift and clutch paddles adjustable?
A: Yes they are adjustable in reach and depth. We’ve reserver  1cm of range which easily adapts to any hand size.

Q: How do the paddle shifter feel?
A: Firm. They have a very short and fast throw with a noticeable tactile clicky feedback. It’s built for simracers.

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