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Racing steering wheel built on the original MOMO mod 30 suede steering wheel with a diameter of 320 mm. Fully adjustable carbon/aluminum magnetic shifters of gear working on Hall sensor principle, carbon front steering wheel. Backlit or standard aluminum buttons. Mounting through standard 3-hole 50.8 mm PCD adapters.

Compatible with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and SimuCube 1/2

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GT Pro Momo – the right driving feeling

The car’s steering wheel is a tool through which the driver communicates with the front axle and, based on the information, the driver can precisely control the car in any situation. However, the racing steering wheel is an important part of not only a real racing car, but also a professional racing simulator.

Car racing is a popular motor sport discipline, not only among fans but also among drivers themselves. For an ordinary driver, Formula 1 is often unreachable, with most riders settling either for rally or for a car race. These disciplines aren’t so extremely expensive, so they are also available to young drivers who do not have unlimited budgets. But the basis of any good driver is hard training.

Since training on the circuit is expensive, practically all riders use racing simulators to train their driving skills. Those must meet demanding criteria, since they must perfectly simulate a ride in a real racing car so that the rider can transfer their knowledge from the simulator directly to real races. The key is not only the simulator software but also its hardware.

Challenging task accomplished

Racing simulator hardware developers take years to build components that respond just the same as real racing car controls. Because racing cars use the most durable components, pressing a brake pedal requires much more power than pressing a brake pedal in a normal car. The clutch and gas pedals are tuned much more precisely and also have a specific operation.

But what is important is exactly gear shifter. Through it, the driver feels the road, gear shifter must allow them to navigate the car exactly to a millimeter. Already real race car engineers are working hard on tuning the gear shifter, so racing simulator developers have an even more challenging task to match the reality. However, not only gear shifter but also steering wheel is important. Without a good steering wheel, even the best gear shifter is totally useless.

Steering wheel from professionals

One of the steering wheels that Cube Controls engineers have chosen as the basis for their racing simulator steering wheel is the Momo mod 30 steering wheel. It is a high-quality aluminum steering wheel with carbon front and carbon gear shifters which is covered with high quality suede. The Momo mod 30 steering wheel is popular among many professional and amateur racers.

It brings an ideal diameter of 320 millimeters and a well-designed shaping that allows for a perfect grip. To the grip also contributes the suede surface, which does not slip even under the most demanding conditions and transmits all the information from the road to the driver’s hands. This simple steering wheel is then the basis for the installation of buttons and controls.

Always at hand

The GT Pro Momo steering wheel, thanks to its ergonomically-positioned controllers, enables quick control of important car elements in every driving situation. The driver must concentrate fully on the road during the race, all the controllers on the steering wheel must be positioned so that their control does not distract the driver. On the back of the steering wheel are the most important controls – the gear shifters.

These are not based on a classic hardware button as are cheaper steering wheel shifters, but on Hall sensor-based magnetic sensors to increase accuracy. Their advantage is an extremely fast and precise press response. On the front of the steering wheel you will find two front and two side rotary controllers, two switches equipped with a LED, a multi-directional joystick and 5 aluminum buttons with precise operation and quick response. The complete steering wheel with all the controls weighs 1570 grams.

Thanks to the GT Pro Momo steering wheel, your driving skills training will be as realistic as possible and will bring significant benefits to your racing in real racing cars.

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