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Ignite your sim racing passion with the exclusive GT PRO OMP Wireless suede steering wheel. Designed to let you feel an outstanding driving experience, without wires, to let you free.

  • Magnetic-touch paddles.
  • Backlit buttons, when the night comes.
  • Featuring SimuCube Wireless technology.
  • Battery life up to 40/h. Charge it whenever you need with the dedicated USB cable.
  • Aluminium hub contains 50.8 and as well 70mm PCD.
  • PC only. Compatible with Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate wheel base.


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The GT Wireless series wheels from Cube Controls are available at G-Performance in two different variants: the OMP GT Pro and the Sparco GT Pro rims. The 320mm OMP Superquadro rim has a round top with a stitched centre marker in the Alcantara suede grip.

Real Motorsport rim

Like the Sparco rim, the base of this flat-dished 3 spoke wheel has a Motorsport style flattened bottom. In fact, this is a fully Motorsport racing rim that could just as easily be found in a GT3 spec endurance car! It’s designed to be anatomical with a 35x27mm handgrip, so long stints won’t tire your hands.

Carbon weave

Around the front of this 1.6kg unit, a 4mm carbon weave face plate features an embossed Cube Controls logo. The unit features 5 “VR friendly” buttons, four toggle switches, 4 tactile CNC aluminium rotary encoders and a funky switch joystick. We think this wheel is ideal for Endurance racing, having recently used it attached to a Simucube 2 Pro during the Sebring 12h Endurance event on iRacing.


Set pit limiter and headlight flash (top right and left flashing buttons), engine ignition and start (backlit toggle switches), TC +/- and brake bias, with black box controls on the funky switch and side rotaries. The possibilities to run this wheel with simulators like iRacing are endless.

Zero flex

The wheel feels very sturdy and offers no flex in the design whatsoever. It has a solid feel and weight to it that makes you feel like you are holding a high-quality item in hand. The GT OMP Pro is a real favourite here as our reviews will show! Mounted to the Simucube via the SQR hub, this wheel is solid as a rock.

Simucube Wireless Wheel

Around the back there is a short stub antenna for the Simucube Wireless functionality (if you don’t own a Simucube, you’ll need the USB version of this wheel). When the wheel is powered (via the onboard rechargeable battery), TrueDrive software will detect the wheel. That is all you need to do to setup the device except of course for assigning functions via your favourite sim software!

You also get magnetic paddle shifters with 4mm carbon paddles with their “zero play” engagement. Nothing is as satisfying as Cube Controls paddle shift.


  • Can I use this wheel on any direct drive wheelbase?

Only Simucube Wireless systems (Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate or Simucube 1 with the Wireless upgrade PCB installed)

  • Do I need a special driver installed for this?

No, the device will automatically be detected by Windows. You can see it working in the Windows “USB Game Controllers” properties or a software application like DiView.

  • What bolts do I need to fit this wheel to a hub?

The bolts are M5 – there are Allen and Hex bolts provided with the wheel in the accessories bag – some hubs come supplied with bolts too.

  • How does the wheel connect to the PC?

It connects wirelessly through the TrueDrive software.

What’s included in the box?

– USB cable (for charging only)
– Cube Controls Sticker Set
– User Manual
– Accessory bag with tools and bolts for installation of wheel to QR hub and tweezers for placement of stickers

Installation and drivers

Mounting this Cube Controls wheel is easy. If you own the Simucube SQR hub, you fix the 70mm PCD adapter plate to the back of the wheel on the Universal Hub adapter and then build up the SQR hub as usual.

If you’re using a different hub on a Simucube, like a Buchfink Q1R, you’ll need an adapter to convert your Simucube 2 to a standard 70mm bolt pattern before mounting the base side of the hub.

Useful links, drivers and manuals - Cube Controls GT Pro OMP Wireless - eSports sim racing wheel - carbon plate

Pure Carbon Fiber.

The finest selection of pure carbon fiber composite material, manufactured to the highest automotive standards, putting all necessary effort to achieve the ultimate sim racing controllers.

Extremely stiff, without flex and no force feedback is lost.

An antenna to rule them all.

Wireless steering wheels pairs smoothly with your Simucube base. Lag free thanks to the external antenna.

Battery, up to 40 hours of hard gaming. Battery draining is not going to be an issue too, just plug the cable and you’re good to go! - Cube Controls GT Pro OMP Wireless - eSports sim racing wheel - Antenna to rule them all

OMP mod Superquadro.

Foundation for the GT Pro OMP is the OMP mod Superquadro  steering wheel – product of famous Italian company OMP, that merges with Cube Controls top technology.

GT wheel with FIA approved OMP rim.

Magnetic paddle shifters.

Zero play short throw custom designed magnetic switchless paddle shifters in aluminium and carbon.

Beautiful LEDs.

Feel the energy of the immersive lights. 6 backlit buttons. Updated look-design.

Built to amaze.

Anodized aluminium parts.

CNC machined and anodized rotary encoders, rear cover and shifters.

Compatible racing titles:

  • Assetto Corsa,
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Dirt 2
  • Dirt 4
  • Dirt Rally Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Codemasters Formula 1 2010
  • F1 2011
  • F1 2012
  • F1 2013
  • F1 2014
  • F1 2015
  • F1 2016
  • F1 2017
  • F1 2018
  • F1 2019
  • F1 2020
  • GRID
  • GRID 2
  • GRID Autosport
  • GT Legends
  • iRacing
  • Project Cars
  • Project Cars 2
  • Project Cars 3
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • rFactor
  • rFactor 2
  • Automobilista
  • Automobilista 2

Compatible wheelbases:

  • SimuCube 2 Sport, SimuCube 2 Pro, SimuCube 2 Ultimate
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  1. Henry Mbayen

    GT Pro OMP Wireless - Black 50/70mm

    Fast shipping and great product selection as always! Whenever I need new gears I go to G-Performance. We don’t have a comparable e-tailer in the US.

    Henry Mbayen

  2. Aleksey Nasedin

    GT Pro OMP Wireless - Black 50/70mm (€0.00)

    Very good racing wheel

    Aleksey Nasedin

  3. Arjan

    GT Pro OMP Wireless - Black 50/70mm (€0.00)

    Nice addition next to the Formula Pro. It’s a real rim, so it feels solid.


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