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Racing steering wheel built on the original OMP mod Superquadro suede steering wheel with a diameter of 320 mm. Fully adjustable carbon/aluminum magnetic gear shifters working on Hall sensor principle, carbon front steering wheel. Backlit aluminum buttons. Mounting through standard 3-hole 50.8 mm PCD adapters.


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GT Pro OMP – top Italian quality for your simulator

The basis of a professional racing simulator is a quality steering wheel that allows the driver as precise training as possible. It is the steering wheel handling that distinguishes the real professionals! How will the GT Pro OMP racing steering wheel help you in your training?

If you’re familiar with the motor sports area, the Italian brand OMP sure sounds familiar to you. Company OMP Racing was founded in 1973 and since the beginning of its existence has specialized in designing and manufacturing safety components for racing cars. Initially, it focused on race suits for racers, shoes, gloves and helmets, and later expanded its product portfolio to include seat belts, complete seats, steering wheels and other accessories.

You can see OMP products today in every sphere of motor sport – from Formula 1, through WRC, WTCC, WEC, Formula E, Nascar, to various amateur competitions. You can find more than 2,000 different products on offer, all, but a few exceptions, are approved by the International Automobile Federation FIA. That speaks for itself. No wonder that Cube Controls designers chose the OMP Superquadro steering wheel as the basis for one of their GT Pro racing simulators.

Simulator versus reality

Despite the fact that the steering wheel plays an important role in transmitting data from the front axle and road to the driver’s hand in a real racing car, at first glance this task might seem to be eliminated in a racing simulator. But the steering wheel is mounted on a driving unit in a racing simulator, not on the front axle of the car… This is true, but modern simulator software, in conjunction with a sophisticated driving unit, creates so perfect driving simulation that the driver behind the steering wheel of a simulator feels like in a real car.

The driving unit transmits information about surface change and wheel movement information as driving unit in a real racing special. A real racing car steering wheel and a simulator racing steering wheel are in principle no different – both must meet the most demanding criteria.

First-class materials and great ergonomics

Under the steering wheel GT Pro OMP is a signature made by OMP company – this is the original racing steering wheel used by professional racers in various disciplines of motor sport. At first glance, it impresses with its characteristic shape and beveled bottom, such a steering wheel design has been proven over years and brings the driver a perfect grip. Gear shifters and steering wheel front are made of carbon, the rest of the steering wheel is made of high-quality processed aluminum. Of course, the steering wheel is covered with suede, which, thanks to its characteristics, is the ideal material for the steering wheel surface.

Immediate reactions

The steering wheel controllers were handled by Cube Controls experts and built in the best of what they had at their disposal. Gear shifters are based on Hall sensor, so the classic hardware button does not record the degree of pressing, but so does a magnetic sensor that is incomparably more accurate and faster. Precise design also features 5 buttons, 2 LED switches, two front and two side rotary controllers and a multi-directional joystick. The advantage of the GT Pro OMP steering wheel is the steering wheel hub, which makes it easy to mount on the 50 mm and 70 mm driving stands. GT Pro OMP complete steering wheel weighs 1610 grams.

The GT Pro OMP steering wheel is a great addition to a racing simulator for anyone who wants to upgrade their riding skills to a new level and transfer new-learned techniques from the simulator directly to a real racing circuit. With such a professional tool you have professional driving training taken care of! And the best? If you really like the OMP steering wheel in your simulator, you can also mount it directly to your real racing car!

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Aluminium Hub and Paddles

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