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Full backlit buttons. Magnetic paddles. Strengthen materials. 100% carbon front plate. Featuring CNC aluminum knobs and joystick. Rock-solid electronics.

  • VR friendly
  • Compatible on PC only with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and Simucube 1&2 wheel base
  • 45° back USB Connector


  • Built with Sparco, P310, suede steering wheel, 310mm diameter
  • 5 momentary buttons, two of them with a “toggle” flashing led indicator (useful for pit limiter, neutral)
  • Short throw backlit switches
  • 45° back USB Connector
  • Two on/off toggle switches with status led
  • 2 front rotary encoders
  • 2 thumb rotary encoders
  • Multi-directional joystick with integrated encoder
  • Zero play short throw custom designed magnetic switchless paddle shifters in alluminium and carbon
  • Carbon fiber front plate
  • CNC machined aluminum joystick knob
  • All aluminum parts are CNC machined and anodized
  • Wheel hub compatible with all formula style quick release hubs (3 bolts, 1-inch and 70mm PCD)
  • Proprietary custom made tactile button assembly
  • Weight: 1610gr
  • VR friendly
  • Compatible on PC only with Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and Simucube 1&2 wheel base
  Q: How can I connect the GT Classic steering wheels on my PC? A: Each Classic wheel comes with its own coiled USB cable. Any USB 2.0 port will work. Q: How can I attach it to my FFB base? A: Our wheel hub have an industry standard 3 M5 holes 50,8mm PCD compatible with various adapters. We can provide them for ThrustmasterLogitechAccuforceFanatec bases, as well as most DD units. 50,8mm Q1R will fit directly. We also have available 50.8mm to 70mm 6 M5 holes conversion adapters. Q: Are the shift paddles adjustable? A: Yes they are adjustable in reach and depth. We’ve reserver 1cm of range which easily adapts to any hand size. Q: How do the paddle shifter feel? A: Firm. They have a very short and fast throw with a noticeable tactile clicky feedback. It’s built for simracers. Q: Can I customise the racing wheel or buy only single components? A: Unfortunately, we can’t customise our products and we can’t sell single components. To ensure superior quality we allow to purchase  only whole racing wheels. Q: What is the product warranty? A: All our products, as per the European law, are guaranteed for 2 years. The Warranty is reduced to 1 year for products purchased for internal usage by B2B customers (e.g. simulation venues using our products on their own sim rigs). Q: Which games is the GT Pro compatible with? A: List of compatible titles: Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Dirt 2, Dirt 4, Dirt Rally Euro Truck Simulator 2, Codemasters F1 2010, F1 2011, F1 2012, F1 2013, F1 2014, F1 2015, F1 2016, F1 2017, F1 2018, F1 2019, GRID, GRID 2, GRID Autosport, GT Legends, iRacing, Project Cars, Project Cars 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience, rFactor, rFactor 2 Q: Wheelbase compatibility? Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920. Use the Logitech base adapter: https://shop.gperformance.eu/product/cube-controls-logitech-adapter Thurstmaster TS-PC Racer, TS-XW Racer, T-GT, T300, T300 RS. TX Racing wheel. Use with Thurstmaster base adapter: https://shop.gperformance.eu/product/cube-controls-thrustmaster-adapter Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD2, Podium Wheel Base DD1, Clubsport Wheel Base v2.5, CSL Elite Wheel Base, CSL Elite Wheel Base v1.1 SimuCube 2 Sport, SimuCube 2 Pro, SimuCube 2 Ultimate, SimuCube 1 Accuforce 1, Accuforce v2

GT Pro Sparco – prestigious steering wheel with first-class technology

Who does not know the Sparco brand as if was not living in the world of motoring. When the product of this famous Italian company merges with Cube Controls top technology, the perfect steering wheel for the racing simulator is born. Safety should always come first in motorsport. This was very well known to two young drivers who founded Sparco in 1977. Specialization was clear – products that enhance the safety of motor sports. They specialized in the production of racing suits, shoes and other accessories. Later they shifted to the development of racing seats, yet, they are seats, which are greatly involved not only in keeping the driver in the turns, but also in safety in case of an accident. Sparco’s product portfolio has been expanding gradually over the years and at some point, racing steering wheels were added to it. Thanks to the many prestigious collaborations that Sparco has acquired during its existence, its products have been popular with professional drivers around the world. Sparco steering wheels can be found in many racing specials for different disciplines.

shop.gperformance.eu - Cube Controls GT Pro Sparco Classic USB custom carbon fiber sim racing wheel WRC rally - Direct Drive wheel OSW Logitech Thurstmaster Fanatec G-PerformanceSensitivity = safety

Indeed, steering wheels also make a great contribution to driver safety. If you ask any racer what is most important on a wet track, they will answer good tires and sensitive steering. The steering wheel must give the race drivers’s hands precise information about the surface under the front wheels, what are the front wheels doing and what they can still afford. But what does a racing car steering wheel have in common with a simulator steering wheel? Definitely a lot. Modern racing simulators feature state-of-the-art software that can perfectly simulate real car behavior. Such software, combined with a professional Direct Drive steering unit, creates a realistic driving experience. In this case, the steering wheel plays an important role in the simulator. shop.gperformance.eu - Cube Controls GT Pro Sparco Classic USB carbon fiber sim racing wheel WRC rally - Direct Drive wheel OSW Logitech Thurstmaster Fanatec G-Performance

Combinations proven over years

Since Sparco company has many years of experience in racing car parts development, the steering wheel Sparco P310, which is the foundation for the GT Pro Sparco racing steering wheel, has been designed according to the demands of professional drivers. These result in a specific shape with not only the lower but also the upper part beveled and shaping of the steering wheel side parts. They are designed to keep the steering wheel in driver’s hands as good as possible and not to slip out of their hands even in the most demanding passages. The steering wheel is traditionally covered with suede, which also contributes to the transfer of data from road to the driver’s hands and a good grip. Under the suede cover is a high-quality aluminum body complemented with carbon front and carbon gear shifters.

shop.gperformance.eu - Cube Controls GT Pro Sparco Classic carbon fiber sim racing wheel Assetto Corsa Project Cars iRacing rFactor Logitech Thurstmaster Fanatec G-PerformanceTechnology professionals

Cube Controls company has equipped this steering wheel with its technology to meet the most demanding users. On the GT Pro Sparco steering wheel, you will find several ergonomically positioned controllers that are always at hand. 5 precision-operation aluminum buttons, two LED switches, two front and two side rotary controls and a multi-directional joystick ensure quick access to basic car functions without the driver having to release their hand from the steering wheel. Shifters on the rear of the steering wheel are equipped with a Hall sensor, a magnetic sensor, not a classic hardware button to ensure greater accuracy. GT Pro Sparco racing steering wheel with a total weight of 1610 grams is a great steering wheel solution for a professional racing simulator to help you improve your sim racing skills.  
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Aluminium Hub and Paddels

Black 50/70mm (€0.00), Red 50/70mm (€27.00), Blue 50/70mm (€37.00)


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