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Sturdy, comfortable and extremely firm with no flex whatsoever, this 1610g sim steering wheel offers an ultra-tactile and satisfying interface with the sim racing environment. If you are an endurance racing competitor in GT the class, this is an ideal choice with enough assignability to control pit stop settings and an ergonomic design that will reduce fatigue throughout long simulator sessions.

  • The wheel for GT enthusiast
  • Cube Controls best custom steering rim to date
  • All momentary buttons and toggles are backlit for night driving
  • All of Cube Controls latest design and manufacturing techniques
  • Wireless wheel technology for Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate

One of the most in-demand and versatile steering wheels for Simucube 2 Pro, Sport and Ultimate available today.

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Purchase this product to earn 695-726 Points worth of 9,27 -9,68 !
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Get a bespoke, ergonomic wheel design intended for competitive sim racers

Get the latest bespoke made 300mm ergonomic steering wheel rim from Cube Controls. Even better, it’s attached to their precision engineered and exceptionally high-quality button box!

The GT Pro Zero Wireless from Cube Controls combines cutting edge and best in class materials and design with high degrees of comfort with zero flex. If you are an aspiring GT Pro driver, this is the most versatile steering wheel you can mount to your wheelbase.

Exceptional ergonomics 

This wheel stands out with exceptionally good ergonomics, “cool”, open top, characteristics that allow you to drive virtually any car effectively. The design of this wheel took at least 200 design hours. Countless 3D printed prototypes were made directly by the Cube Controls R&D department, which then passed through countless hands in order to get us closer to the desired result: optimal ergonomics for many different hand shapes, so that each one felt “at home” one once the steering wheel is held.

Massimo Cubeddu - Cube Controls Lead Designer - sketching the GT Pro Zero sim racing wheel

Even the smallest detail is handmade

They are hand-painted too!!! 🖌️ To produce the best wheel even the smallest detail makes the difference!


Enjoy a total of 5 momentary backlit buttons, with 2 buttons featuring flashing LED indicators. The flashing indicators are always great to assign for pit lane speed limiting, headlight flash and so on.

Useful for ignition and engine start / stop, the backlit toggle switches are conveniently located on the 4mm carbon face. There are 2 front rotary encoders are typically assigned to control AMS, TC and / or Brake Bias, while the aluminium machined thumb rotary encoders can be assigned to control entry / exit differential settings or be used to scroll through in-car data.

The “VR friendly” button surrounds make locating a button efficient and help you to avoid any mistakes during use.

Better in-car software control with the Funky switch

As always, our favourite funky switch (multi-directional joystick with built-in rotary encoder) is a powerful ally when setting up your next pitstop with iRacing’s black box controls.

Zero play paddles

The rear mounted paddles shifter is the well regarded Cube Controls “Zero play” short-throw magnetic switchless shifters in featuring an aluminium and 4mm carbon (bodies and paddle plates) construction.

As you would expect at this price point, the paddle shifters are immediate and precise. Never miss a shift.

The front 4mm carbon face plate features a hand painted Cube Controls logo which is mounted on the automotive grade CNC machined billet aluminium chassis. The construction is superb, with careful bevelling of all carbon edges and a supremely clean fit of every mounted component across the entire wheel.

No more messy cables

Simucube’s Wireless Wheel Technology is built into this sim wheel powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours of use.

A USB cable (suppled) can be used to recharge the battery. The wheel is detected via the Simucube Truedrive software and is wireless only. For the USB wheel equivalent of this product, click here.

Mount your Cube Controls GT Pro Zero using the excellent Universal QR hub (supplied and fitted), which is drilled and threaded to accommodate QR hubs of 70mm PCD or 50.8mm PCD fitments using an M5 threaded bolt.

The GT Pro Zero is one of the most popular GT style sim steering wheels in the market today and will make a great addition to complete your pro sim driver experience.

What’s included?

  • Cube Controls GT Pro Zero sim steering wheel
  • USB 2.0 cable (for charging only)
  • Cube Controls Sticker sheet
  • Manual
  • Mounting tool kit and bolts

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Frequently asked Questions

Q: How does the GT-Pro Zero Wireless connect to my PC?
A: The GT Pro Zero wireless connects wirelessly through the Simucube Truedrive software. Simply open Truedrive, power up the wheel and it will “handshake” with your Simucube and appear as a device in Truedrive. If you don’t own a Simucube DD wheelbase, head here for the USB version of this wheel.

Q: How do I mount the Cube Controls GT Pro Zero to my DD wheel hub?
A: The Cube Controls GT Pro Zero comes fitted with the excellent Universal Hub mount adapter, drilled for a 50.8mm PCD or 70mm PCD QR hub with an M5 thread. M5 bolts are supplied. The SQR hub supplied with your Simucube is compatible with this wheel or you can choose from the range of QR hubs we have in stock on our accessories page.

Q: What are the grips made from?
A: This wheel comes supplied with a genuine Alcantara rim for durability and grip.

Q: Are the paddle shifters noisy?
A: Cube Controls paddles are so well constructed that noise during a shift (compared to their competitors is considerably lower.

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  1. fabio eduardo dias conde

    GT Pro ZERO Wireless - Black

    A great wheel! Nice touch, very strong encoder and buttons, really incredible!!!!!!!!!

    fabio eduardo dias conde

  2. orcun

    GT Pro ZERO Wireless - Black

    expensive but top quality


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