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Very few wheel manufacturers can match the quality, durability and ergonomics of a Cube Controls wheel, which is why we recommend the GT Pro Zero. The GT Pro Zero is a pro level, high end sim steering wheel intended for GTE / Endurance class racing with Formula sim racing crossover.

As you’d expect, there is zero flex in this 1610g wheel. It’s sturdy, highly professional and beautifully made.

  • Can be mounted on any 50.8mm PCD (or 6x70mm) QR hub including the Simucube SQR or Buchfink Q1R
  • Use with any DD wheelbase with PC only USB connection
  • Supplied with the excellent Cube Controls magnetic paddle shifters
  • 2 year manufacturer guarantee
  • New revision Alcantara grips with extra comfort design

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A GTE Class sim steering wheel

Get the best the sim racing world has to offer with this GTE style, 300mm open top rim – a popular steering wheel arrangement in modern GTE class cars including the mighty Porsche 911 RSR GTE.

For Endurance racers

Designed for the Pro class sim racer competing in endurance championships, Cube Controls have created an ultra-comfortable, smaller diameter rim for quick and precise steering control over long race durations.

The compact and ultra-ergonomic construction makes the GT Pro Zero an ideal crossover for Formula sim racing, too.

Cube Controls GT Pro Zero - mounted on rig - G-Performance

Compatible with any DD wheelbase and QR Hub

As this is a USB game controller, you can use the GT Pro Zero with any wheelbase, provided you have the correct QR hub or adapter. This PC only wheel can be mounted on Thrustmaster, Logitech, AccuForce, Fanatec and Simucube wheelbases. See our list of adapters and QR hubs on our accessories page.

Exceptional ergonomics 

This wheel stands out with exceptionally good ergonomics, “cool”, open top, characteristics that allow you to drive virtually any car effectively. The design of this wheel took at least 200 design hours. Countless 3D printed prototypes were made directly by the Cube Controls R&D department, which then passed through countless hands in order to get us closer to the desired result: optimal ergonomics for many different hand shapes, so that each one felt “at home” one once the steering wheel is held.

Massimo Cubeddu - Cube Controls Lead Designer - sketching the GT Pro Zero sim racing wheel

High-end Cube Controls manufacturing

This is a high-end, professional sim steering wheel so, expect all the usual refinements associated with Cube Controls. Get an extremely high-end level of manufacturing, with a CNC machined billet aluminium case, anodised in black. 4mm Thick gloss carbon face with embossed and lacquered Cube Controls logo, and of course on the rear, Cube Controls magnetic paddle shifters with 4mm carbon manufactured paddles. The Cube Controls Universal Hub mount is provided, fitted and ready to install your choice of QR hub.

Cube Controls GT Pro Zero - mounted on rig 2 - G-Performance

Huge button and rotary choice

Enjoy the latest revision of Cube Controls GT style momentary buttons, two of them with a “toggle” flashing led indicator (useful for setting pit limiter controls, neutral, engine start and so on). Backlit switches, two on/off toggle switches with status LEDs, 4 rotary encoders with machined aluminium knobs and a “Multi-directional joystick” with integrated encoder (we call them funky switches!).

As with all Cube Controls wheels (read our review of the OMP GT PRO here), we love the high-end quality and impeccable finish that these wheels have. Very few wheel manufacturers can match a Cube Controls wheel, which is we recommend the GT Pro Zero.

Handmade to the tiniest detail

They are hand-painted too!!!  To produce the best wheel even the smallest detail makes the difference!


  • Can I use this wheel on any direct drive wheelbase?

Yes, Cube Controls wheels come fitted with their Universal Hub adapter fitted to the back, with the correct PCD drilling for any size of sim racing quick release hub. Choose your preferred QR hub, install and you are ready to race.

  • Do I need a special driver installed for this?

No, the device will automatically be detected by Windows. You can see it working in the Windows “USB Game Controllers” properties or a software application like DiView.

  • What bolts do I need to fit this wheel to a hub?

The bolts are M5 – there are Allen and Hex bolts provided with the wheel in the accessories bag

  • How does the wheel connect to the PC?

There’s a coiled USB cable provided, which connects to the back of the wheel or via the hub if your have a QRX hub installed. - Cube Controls GT Pro Zero USB - rear detail view - G-Performance

What’s included in the box?

  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Cube Controls Sticker Set
  • User Manual
  • Accessory bag with tools and bolts for installation of wheel to QR hub and tweezers for placement of stickers

Installation and drivers

Mounting this Cube Controls wheel is easy. If you own the Simucube SQR hub, you fix the 70mm PCD adapter plate to the back of the wheel on the Universal Hub adapter and then build up the SQR hub as usual.

If you’re using a different hub on a Simucube, like a Buchfink Q1R, you’ll need an adapter to convert your Simucube 2 to a standard 70mm bolt pattern before mounting the base side of the hub.

If you are mounting the wheel to a Fanatec DD 1 or 2, use the Fanatec Podium Hub.

Useful links, drivers and manuals

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