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The Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential makes an excellent addition to your sim racing setup. With its solid construction and efficient design, it authentically replicates the feeling of using a sequential gear shifter in a real racecar.

Thanks to its ball spring resistance system, the tactile movements felt between each gear change are as satisfying as they are realistic.
What’s more, the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential offers superb adjustability, as it comes with different sizes of shifter levers and knobs included in the box, meaning you can configure it to your liking.

Put your sim racing experience into the next gear and emulate the feeling of an actual sequential shifter with the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential.

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In stock

If you’re building a top-of-the-line sim racing cockpit and you’re in the market for a high-quality, customizable, and highly realistic sequential shifter, then look no further than the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential. This sturdy sim shifter ticks all the boxes, and it has been purposely designed to replicate the short-throw sequential shifters found in real racecars.

The Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential delivers incredibly tactile gear shifts with a very satisfying click between shifts resulting from its ball spring resistance system. In fact, each shift initially requires a relatively forceful touch, needing less force as the feeling becomes lighter and the shifter moves into the next gear, exactly like real life sequential shifters.

Thanks to the different shifter levers and knobs that come with the unit, you can adjust the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential’s configuration in nine different ways. For example, with two straight levers measuring 30mm and 50mm, and one bent lever measuring 50mm, plus three different shifter knobs varying in size from 46mm to 90mm, you can achieve an overall lever length of 76mm to 140mm.

Consequently, you can change the shifting force required to move between gears by altering the lever length, adding another layer of adjustability to the unit.

Due to its efficient design, it doesn’t matter if your rig is short on mounting space either, as the compact size of the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential shifter allows it to fit into the tightest of spots.  

Every shifter is supplied with an adaptable mounting plate that perfectly fits any aluminium profile up to 40mm in size, making connecting it to your cockpit easy. The mounting plate also allows you to bolt it down from underneath or the side of the unit, giving you plenty of mounting options.

Furthermore, if you’re racing from behind a desk, don’t worry, as every shifter also comes with a table clamp, allowing you to attach the unit to any flat surface.

What’s included?

The Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential comes complete with:

  • Base unit
  • 1 straight 30 mm lever
  • 1 straight 50mm lever
  • 1 bent 50mm lever
  • 3 shifter knobs (46-90mm)
  • 1 mounting plate
  • 1 desk clamp with rubber space and hex wrench
  • 2 M4 Fixing bolts
  • 1 USB cable
  • Heusinkveld Stickers
  • User Manual

What do I need to buy separately?

If you want to connect your Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential to an external controller such as the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals USB controller or another third-party controller, you can use the Molex socket placed next to the USB port. However, you will need to source your own cable to use this connection method. Alternatively, you can simply use the USB cable supplied with the shifter and connect it to your PC as a standalone device.


a) Can I use the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential on PlayStation or Xbox?
No. Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with any gaming consoles and is currently solely for PC users.

b) Do I need to install any drivers to use the Heusinkveld Shifter Sequential?
No installation of drivers is required.


Every shifter is supplied with a table clamp. This allows you to connect the shifter to any table-like surface. The table clamp can be detached from the shifter if you require a different mounting solution. An alternative mounting plate is supplied with every shifter in order to assist with mounting to a structure to the side or underneath the unit. It is possible to rotate the shifter unit relative to this mounting plate in order to optimize the position of the shifter. This plate fits directly onto aluminium profiles with a size of up to 40mm.

You can also use your own mounting solution. The bottom of the shifter unit has 2 M4 bolt holes which allows you to connect the shifter to virtually any horizontal surface.

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