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With its refreshed styling, the Team Redline edition of the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint offers sim racers the chance to own a set of sim pedals with a refined new look, knowing this is the very equipment that the likes of Max Verstappen uses when he’s not at an F1 race meeting!

As we’ve said many times before the Sprints are one of the best pedal sets you can own. As an upgrade these pedals put you firmly in professional equipment territory. Finesse your throttle control and trail braking and deliver faster, more consistent laptimes.

  • Excellent control over any race car
  • Five pedal travel settings
  • Adjustable force curves through Smartcontrol
  • Adjust brake firmness with 6 different stack combinations
  • 120kg brake load cell

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Purchase this product to earn 98-577 Points worth of 1,31 -7,69 !
Purchase this product to earn 98-577 Points worth of 1,31 -7,69 !
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Team Redline Approved

The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition Sprint pedals are perfect for hobbyist sim racers and professional Esports drivers alike. With their robust, compact, and highly adjustable design, these pedals combine the precision of Heusinkveld Engineering with the style and colour cues of Team Redline, the most triumphant sim racing team in Esports history.

Load cell pedals for high accuracy

This pedal set features high quality durable load cells to measure the throttle and clutch positions and the force applied to the brake, while custom-developed and EMC tested electronics ensure each pedal responds instantly and accurately in your simulator software.

Adjustable pedal geometry

They offer fully adjustable pedal geometry and plenty of configuration options and also include SmartControl software which allows easy configuration of dead zones, brake force, and the customisation of pedal output curves.

Cool new styling

With its refreshed styling, the Team Redline edition offers sim racers the chance to own a set of Sim Pedals Sprint with a refined new look. Every metal profile has been upgraded with a combination of powder coating and bead blasting, while each pedal plate carries Team Redline’s logo.


SmartControl is a powerful configuration tool that allows you to establish throttle, brake and clutch curves, dead zones, and ranges for maximum pressure. You can also save profiles for each car you drive and make adjustments without recalibrating the pedals in just a few mouse clicks.

What’s included?

The Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition comes complete with:

  • Brake pedal with integrated controller.
  • Throttle pedal.
  • Clutch pedal (if you have ordered a 3-pedal set).
  • USB cable.
  • Manual.
  • 10mm rubber.
  • 19mm rubber.
  • 28mm rubber.
  • 3x 10mm thick acrylic spacer.
  • 5mm thick disc.
  • 7/8mm wrench.
  • 10/13mm wrench.
  • 2.5mm hex key.
  • 3mm hex key.
  • 4mm hex key.
  • USB cable.
  • Brake pedal angle adjustment tool.
  • 12x M5x12mm bolts.
  • 12x M5x20mm bolts.
  • 12x M5 washer.
  • 12x M5 flanged nut.

What do I need to buy separately?

One consideration when buying the Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition is to add Heusinkveld’s Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate, which allows you to unlock the full potential of these pedals by offering a secure mounting solution.


Q: Can I use the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition on PlayStation or Xbox?
A: No. Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with any gaming consoles and is currently solely for PC users.

Q: Do I need to install any drivers to use the Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Sprint – Team Redline Edition?
A: No installation of drivers is required.

Q: Is there a “correct” way to arrange the rubbers on the brake damper?
A: Yes – Heusinkveld recommend using plastic washers (supplied) between your stack arrangements. Diagrams are included in the manual

Q: Do Sprints need any maintenance, particularly?
A: Almost none, just brush them with a dry paintbrush to keep them dust free. Some owners use a ptfe spray lubricant on the center shaft of the brake damper. Full maintenance instructions are provided in the manual

Q: How do I mount these pedals
A: You have two options – either use the Sprints baseplate or mount directly on the pedal plate of your rig. Most Manufacturers (eg: Next Level Racing, Sim Lab etc) are predrilled to accomodate all Heusinkveld equipment

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