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Meca CUP1 Pedals are professional-grade simulator pedals built from high-quality stainless steel and include a throttle, brake, and clutch, which utilise load cell technology throughout. 

The load cells, combined with Leo Bodnar electronic sensors and bronze swivel and sliding bearings, deliver ultra-precise braking and throttle control and give the clutch realistic travel and feel.

Plus, you can modify the pedal set-up easily, thanks to their highly versatile design. Each pedal’s height, angle, and footplate position are all adjustable, and the distance between the pedals can be set to your preferences using the optional base plate.

The Meca CUP1 pedals act as a standalone device and offer plug-and-play usability through a USB connection, meaning you can integrate them into your existing sim racing cockpit without the need for any additional purchases. 

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If you want a professional pedal set for your sim racing rig that is built to last and will deliver a lifelike driving experience, then check out the Meca CUP1 pedals. With their extremely solid 3mm CNC laser cut stainless steel construction, bronze swivel and sliding bearings, and an 8mm thick steel base plate (optional), these pedals are the real deal and sturdy enough to take a proper stomping.

On top of their high build quality, you also get exceptional realism thanks to the load cell technology packed into the brake, clutch, and throttle pedals. This means that the signal sent from each pedal to your simulator, via Leo Bodnar electronic sensors and a USB connection, is relative to the amount of pressure applied, just as in a real car.

The Meca CUP1 pedals are highly versatile, and you can modify the pedal set-up easily to suit your preferences. Each pedal’s height, angle, and footplate position are all adjustable, and the distance between the pedals can be set to your liking, making them perfect for utilising the heel and toe driving technique.

Acting as a standalone device for your PC racing simulator that offers plug-and-play usability, the CUP1 pedal set requires no extra parts to start using it straight out of the box. Plus, Meca supplies all of the mounting materials needed to attach it to your rig.

Meca_CUP1_sim_racing_pedals_installed_on_rig - G-Performance
Meca_CUP1_sim_racing_pedals installed_on_rig_red - G-Performance


You can modify the stiffness of the throttle pedal by adjusting the spring tension, adding another layer of fine-tuning. The footplate also provides excellent grip thanks to the glass blasted stainless steel surface, giving you the ability to accelerate with confidence.

Meca_CUP1_sim_racing_pedals - throttle pedal


By using pre-tensioned springs set in a cradle formation, the clutch pedal does a fantastic job of replicating the required pressure needed to depress a clutch in real life, requiring a higher amount of force in the initial stages then tapering off the further you push the pedal.  Much like the throttle, you can also adjust the stiffness of the clutch pedal by repositioning the pedal lever.



As for the brake pedal, Meca goes a step further and supplies three levels of replaceable polyurethane stoppers (soft, medium, and hard) along with aluminium spacers, allowing you to adjust the hardness of the braking and truly dial in how you want the pedal to feel. These polyurethane stoppers also prevent excessive deformation of the brake rubbers, extending the pedal’s lifespan and preventing a drop off in performance under hard braking.

Meca_CUP1 sim_racing_pedals - brake pedal
Meca_CUP1_pedals - polyurethans

What’s included?

The Meca CUP1 Pedals come complete with:

  • Throttle pedal with loadcell sensor
  • Brake pedal with loadcell sensor 200kg
  • 9x replaceable polyurethane rollers (3x orange, 3x blue, 3x black)
  • Clutch pedal with loadcell sensor
  • USB cable
  • Electronic connection box
  • 12x screws – M6 x 20
  • 12x nuts – M6
  • 12x washers – 6mm
  • GT faceplate with grip

What do I need to buy separately?

The Meca CUP1 pedal set is a standalone plug-and-play USB device, and since Meca provides all the mounting materials, the only things you might need to purchase are some tools to connect it to your rig. Altogether, you’ll need one 3mm hex key, one 5mm hex key, and one 10mm spanner or 10mm socket wrench. If you want to protect your rig, you can buy the optional 8mm Stainless steel baseplate.


Q: Can I use the Meca CUP1 Pedals on PlayStation or Xbox?
A: No. Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with any gaming consoles and is currently solely for PC users.

Q: Do I need to install any drivers to use the Meca CUP1 Pedals?
A: No installation of drivers is required.

Q: What software do I use to calibrate the pedals?
A: Meca Cup1 pedals are configured in DiView, the instructions are provided in the setup guide link and the supplied manual.

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