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Experience the thrilling sensation of endurance class GT style racing with the Moza GS V2 GT Steering Wheel. With this high-quality wheel, you’ll feel in full control alongside the highest spec endurance GT class racing cars. Customisable, wireless, and constructed with premium materials, the Moza GS is an advancement in sim racing technology, transforming your racing experience and bringing every circuit to life.

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Fresh design and innovation

The Moza GS Steering Wheel is a showcase of fresh design and innovation. Inspired by the Fanatec Formula wheel, the GS wheel goes beyond imitation, pushing the boundaries of budget price, but high quality sim racing gear. This mid-range steering wheel comes with a 300mm formula rim, leather grips, magnetic shifters, dual clutch paddles, a zero play quick release system, carbon fibre front plate, metal dials and thumbwheels, and 10 customisable backlit buttons.

High end wheel feel

The GS has a solid, robust feel and is constructed using forged carbon fibre, perforated leather grips, and non-contact photoelectric sensors for the paddle module. It features a range of settings, including 7 custom LED colours, and supports intelligent telemetry.

Designed to bring an extra level of vibrance to your driving experience, this wheel responds to your actions with impressive accuracy, whether you’re in a GT car or a Formula car in your favourite racing sim.


  • Forged carbon fibre frame and front plate
  • Perforated leather grips
  • 300mm diameter standard racing wheel
  • 2 magnetic paddles, 2 dual clutch paddles
  • 10 customisable backlit buttons, 7 custom LED colours
  • 5 band knobs, 2 compressible thumb knobs, 2 joysticks
  • Intelligent telemetry support
  • Quick release, knock-down (K/D) construction
  • Non-contact photoelectric sensor for paddle module
  • Synthesis axis/independent axis/button for dual clutch paddle mode
  • Wireless transmission and power supply

What’s Included?

  • Moza GS Steering Wheel
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

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FAQ Section:

Q: How can I customise the LED colours?
A: All the backlit buttons can be colour changed through the MOZA Pit House software.

Q: What does the dual clutch paddle mode do?
A: The dual clutch paddles are essential for controlled launches in high-power vehicles like Formula cars and cup cars. You can set up the bite point in the MOZA Pit House software for consistent performance.

Q: How do the paddle sensors work?
A: The paddle sensors work through a non-contact photoelectric sensor system. This ensures a high level of accuracy and longevity.

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