Moza Racing R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase (12 Nm)

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Experience realism and precision like never before with the latest Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase. Designed for dedicated sim racers, this compact, powerful wheelbase offers a peak torque of 12 Nm, a high, 1Mhz refresh rate, and force feedback that offers exquisite detail. With its aluminium housing and sleek design, it adds a professional touch to your sim racing rig while providing a performance that truly transforms your virtual racing experience.

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Unlock Racing Realism with the Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase

Built to set a new standard in sim racing, the Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase delivers an excellent force feedback experience that will elevate your virtual racing performance. With a peak torque of 12Nm, it outperforms its sibling, the R9, delivering more power and improved detail in force feedback. This peak torque perfectly hits the sweet spot, offering enough strength without overpowering, making it ideal for those who want a more realistic and immersive racing experience, without the problems associated with very high torque moments.

Engineering Excellence

The R12 is engineered in an aluminium housing for optimum durability and thermal management. Its compact design, measuring just 226 x 157 x 124 mm, makes it an easy addition to your gaming setup, regardless of the space you have available. The wheelbase has limitless wheel rotation and a refresh rate of 1000Hz for a precise, lag-free response to your every move.

Moza Ecosystem Compatibility

A multitude of connection ports lets you add various peripherals such as pedals, dash, shifter, handbrake, and an optional E-stop, giving you full control of your race car. The quick-release feature lets you easily swap out different steering wheels to match your racing style or the type of vehicle you’re using.

In terms of compatibility, the R12 is a PC only wheelbase. It comes with a supporting mobile app that lets you change your wheelbase setting on the fly, providing an extra layer of convenience and adaptability above their Pit House software.

The R12 is compatible will all Moza products except for the following items:

  • RS V1 Steering Wheel
  • CS V1 Steering Wheel
  • GS V1 GT Wheel
  • RM HD Digital Dash

It’s important to note that all V2 versions of these steering wheels and all other Moza accessories and platforms are compatible with the Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase.

Sleek and powerful with a RGB illuminated Power Supply

But the R12 isn’t just about power and control. Its black aluminum housing features a sleek, professional aesthetic that looks right at home in any sim racing rig. The new illuminated power supply is a delightful touch, adding a bit of flair to your gaming station.

Feel the Detail

Operating at a peak power of 216W via its 12Nm direct drive system, the R12 ensures that every nuance of the road is felt. This level of detail in force feedback, comparable to the high-end R21, combined with its increased torque, brings a heightened sense of realism and immersion that’s hard to match. The wheelbase is also passively cooled, ensuring that it can handle even the longest gaming sessions without overheating.

Bringing more Power to the Budget Sim Racer

The Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase is a significant and important addition to the sim racing world. Its power, precision, and design put it on par with the best mid-range wheelbases in the market. Whether you’re a professional sim racer or an enthusiast looking to up your game, the R12 promises a high-quality, realistic, and immersive racing experience.

What’s in the Box?

  • Moza R12 Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • User Manual / Warranty Card
  • Power Supply Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Tool Kit and mounting bolts

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