MOZA Racing R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase (9 Nm)

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Elevate your sim racing experience with the Moza Racing R9 fully direct drive wheel base! Boasting direct drive technology, this robust, compact powerhouse delivers realistic and dynamic force feedback, transforming your racing experience into an immersive thrill-ride.

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The ultimate upgrade

The Moza Racing R9 wheel base is the ultimate choice for dedicated sim racers. Its compact form belies the raw power it harnesses – up to 9Nm of torque, outperforming many rivals, especially at this budget level. Feel the road beneath your fingertips with direct drive technology that offers unrivalled force feedback and responsive control.

Engineered for pure racing

Every aspect of the R9 is engineered for your racing pleasure, from its sleek, minimalist design to its robust, durable construction. And with our custom Pit House software, you have complete control over your experience, able to fine-tune your wheelbase’s FFB (force feedback) performance. As our customers say, the R9 delivers an immersive sim racing experience that’s “made me fall in love with racing all over again.”


  • Direct drive technology for strong, dynamic force feedback
  • Compact form for seamless integration into your sim rig
  • High torque output at 9Nm for a more realistic, high fidelity experience
  • Robust, durable construction for longevity
  • Pit House software for enhanced customizability and control

How to Install:

Installation of the Moza Racing R9 Wheel Base is straightforward and user-friendly: Attach the wheel base to your sim rig using the provided mounting points (at this torque level we strongly recommend the use of a compatible wheeldeck based sim rig.

Once the wheelbase is fitted, Connect the power supply to the wheel base and plug it into a wall socket. Pair the wheel base with your PC via USB, Install the Moza Pit House software check for firmware updates and to modify your force feedback settings.

What’s Included?

  • Moza Racing R9 Wheel Base
  • Power supply
  • User manual
  • USB Cable

FAQ Section:

Q: What devices is the R9 compatible with?
A: The R9 is currently compatible with all PC racing simulators and Moza Racing steering wheels.

Q: What is the warranty on the R9 Wheel Base?
A: The R9 Wheel Base comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: How much torque does the R9 produce?
A: The R9 can output up to 9Nm of torque, making it competitive with many high-end wheel bases, at a significantly lower price

Q: Can I use the R9 with other brand steering wheels?
A: Currently, the R9 is only compatible with Moza Racing steering wheels. However, Moza are actively working to expand our compatibility options.


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