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Take your sim racing experience to the next level with the MOZA SR-P pedals. Engineered with precision and finesse, these pedals are your ticket to a more immersive and high-performance virtual driving experience. Ideal for the beginner or a sim racer looking to update from Logitech or Thrustmaster equipment.

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High Strength / High Precision Sim Racing Pedals

The MOZA SR-P Pedals are made with high-strength steel and designed to provide the most accurate and responsive control for sim racers.

With a high-precision load cell that can detect up to 75KG and a 16-bit high-precision magnetic hall encoder, every movement you make is captured with the utmost detail. The SR-P pedals feature adjustable pedal spacing and a direct USB connection to your PC, which means these pedals seamlessly integrate into your setup, whether or not you own other Moza equipment.

Experience a smoother, more controlled braking experience with the combined braking spring and damping block – this allows for very precise trail braking, which always benefits your lap time progression.

Technical Performance on a Budget

The Moza SR-P pedals offer a surprisingly high level of engineering and high-quality material choices. The primary structure is made of high-strength steel, a durable and rigid material renowned for its superior endurance and reliability. This strength is complimented by a CNC machined aluminium alloy plate, providing lightweight stability and a sleek, professional aesthetic in black.

The key to the SR-P pedals’ responsiveness lies in their advanced sensor systems. The braking system combines a load cell sensor and an angle sensor to deliver highly accurate readings. The load cell sensor, with a maximum range of 75KG, allows for precise brake pressure detection, giving users a realistic and highly responsive braking experience. The throttle and clutch sensors also use an angle sensor, offering fine-grained control over both functions.

All the sensors provide a high resolution of 16-bit or 65536PPR, resulting in a highly accurate, nuanced pedal feel that closely mimics real-world driving. This attention to detail and commitment to realism is a key differentiator for the SR-P pedals in the world of sim racing.

Adjustable Pedal Spacing

Adding to the versatility and adaptability of the SR-P pedals is the adjustable pedal spacing. This feature allows users to customize the setup to fit their comfort and performance needs, making the pedals suitable for various racing styles and driver preferences.

When it comes to connectivity, the SR-P pedals use a direct USB connection, facilitating a simple plug-and-play experience with PCs. Moreover, the pedals come with software that allows for pedal travel adjustment, tailoring the resistance and range of the pedals to the driver’s liking. A pedal travel reverse function is also included, offering even more customization options.

Software Configurable: Moza Pit House

In addition, the SR-P pedals are supported by the Moza Pit House Control Suite, a user-friendly interface that allows you to calibrate your pedals, set response curves and deadzones – just like the higher budget pedals do.

Key Features:
Superior Construction: Crafted from high-strength steel, the SR-P pedals promise outstanding quality and endurance for the price.

High Precision Sensors: Equipped with a high-precision load cell sensor (up to 75KG) and a 16-bit high-precision magnetic hall encoder for enhanced input accuracy.

Braking Spring and Damping Block: Allows for more control in the initial pedal travel and a level of stiffness in the final stages of braking, mimicking a realistic pedal feel.

Direct PC USB Connection: Connect the pedals to your PC easily through a USB port, compatible with all sim racing gear in the market.

Adjustable Pedal Spacing: Finesse your heel / toe shifting by optimising your setup for perfect downshifts, braking and performance.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: High-strength steel
  • Plate Material: CNC Aluminum Alloy
  • Colour: Black
  • Braking Sensor: Load cell sensor+angle sensor
  • Max Range of Pressure Sensor: 75KG
  • Throttle Sensor: Angle sensor
  • Clutch Sensor: Angle sensor
  • Angle Sensor Resolution: 16-bit (65536ppr)
  • Pedal Spacing: Adjustable
  • Pedal Connection Port: USB direct
  • Pedal Travel Software Adjustment: Yes
  • Pedal Travel Reverse Function: Yes
  • Anti-Slipping Bottom: Yes

What’s in the Box?

  • M4*10 socket head countersunk head
  • M8*12 hexagon socket head screw x3
  • M6*20 socket head cap screws x2
  • 5mm hexagon wrench x1
  • 7mm open-end wrench x1
  • 5mm hexagon wrench x1
  • Type A to Type B USB cable

Useful links / Resources:

Moza Pit House

FAQ Section:

Q: What materials are the Moza SR-P Pedals made of?
A: The pedals are crafted from high-strength steel with a CNC Aluminum Alloy plate. They offer a maximum 75KG braking load.

Q: What type of sensors do the pedals use?
A: The pedals utilize a high-precision load cell (up to 75KG) and a 16-bit high-precision magnetic hall encoder for the utmost in input accuracy.

Q: Can the pedal spacing be adjusted on the Moza SR-P Pedals?
A: Yes, the pedal spacing is adjustable for optimal comfort and performance.

Q: How does the braking spring and damping block feature work?
A: The feature allows for more control in the initial stage of pedal travel, with a level of stiffness set in the final stages of braking, providing a realistic pedal feel.

Q: How do I connect the pedals to my PC?
A: The pedals connect to your PC via a USB port, making integration easy and seamless.

Q: Does the pedal set come with a software for pedal travel adjustments?
A: Yes, the Moza SR-P Pedals support pedal travel adjustments via the Pit House software.

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