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REXING Formula Wheel


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Rexing are a European manufacturer of custom Formula and GT sim steering wheels. The Rexing Formula Wheel is a fully carbon fibre manufactured, professional level wheel which we think is about as close as you’re likely to get to a real, custom Formula One style unit.

The specification on this wheel is absolutely amazing, it’s clear Rexing have gone all out to build the best wheel they possibly can with a pursuit for the stiffest and most eronomic grip we’ve felt for a while.

With huge assignability featuring a D-Pad, joystick controller and a large array of momentary buttons and rotaries, all ergonomically located, we think this wheel would make a very high-end upgrade for the once-Playstation F1 driver to the full on PC F1 sim driver.

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The wheel comes boxed very nicely with the wheel fitted snugly in a custom foam padding. There’s not a chance this item could be harmed in transit! Included in the box are a coiled USB cable with a DIN connector for the wheel side, all the screws and nuts you’ll need to mount the wheel to a hub, wheel sticker sheet and the manual.

The wheel feels extremely lightweight (in fact it’s incredibly light weighing just 1050g – some GT wheels are twice this!). The Polyurethane rubber grips feel very comfortable for potentially long periods of use and in terms of look and feel are somewhat similar in manufacture to the cube Controls Formula Wheels.

The wheel is very stiff with a nice ergonomic feel in your hands. All of the buttons and rotaries are within easy reach and visulally, the quality of the carbon fibre finish is to an extremely high standard.

Controls and Assignability

Rexing have been extremely generous with the amount of control options available on this highly assignable device.

There are 8 high quality industrial push-buttons with an action that requires just the right amount of push (so you can’t press them by mistake) and a lovely tactile response that gives great feedback throughout. There are 4 buttons arranged in a “D-Pad” configuration (that require a little pressure to activate – they’re quite stiff). 6 thumb rotaries, 2 potentiometers, A 12 position rotary centre switch and Aluminium knobs throughout. To top this all of there’s a Playstation inspired Analog joystick/thumbstick with a centre push. It’s clear there’s a strong gaming heritage in the design of this wheel; ideal for someone moving from Playstation style sim racing to a full PC simulation setup.

The placement of each of the input controllers is very well thought out: Above each grip is a rotary thumb controller. As an F1 driver you might use these for differential entry and exit adjustments. There are 4 momentary push buttons within easy reach of each thumb (for pit lane speed limiting, VSC, headlight flash) and another thumb rotary on the side of the chassis (I often assign these to page through the display). For good measure there’s another thumb rotary inset on the chassis next to the lower grip connection and another push button nearer to the screen – all within reach of your thumbs!

Display / RPM Lights

Much like the Cube Controls CSX2, the Rexing Formula Wheel comes with a 4.3″ wide angle color LCD mounted behind a tempered glass screen.

The Ultimate Game Tech device is of course manageable via the UGT manager software. You can customise your own dashboards or choose from the many templates on offer, for free.

The device has 15 bright rpm LEDs and to the left and right of the screen, 6 “marshal” LEDs for yellow and blue flags. The separation of the marshall LEDs from the RPM array makes it far easier to see the flags in your peripheral vision, meaning fewer potential mistakes!

Around the back

What we love about the rear of this wheel is that it’s fully carbon. Much like the view you get of an F1 driver in his cockpit; with the custom made carbon chassis of their steering wheel in full view. This wheel looks very much the same; so if you’re an F1 enthusiast, this is now the wheel to own.

The magnetic paddle shifters have a nice amount of resistance to push; without it being possible to accidentally activate the shifter. As you would expect at this price; the shifters feel nicely made with no play in the paddles. They’re clearly a highly professional item and well thought out from an ergonomic point of view.

The clutch paddles are hall sensor based. You can either use them in a dual clutch configuration on separate axes or a single axis.

The steering wheel adapter hub can accomodate either a 50.8mm PCD or 70mm wheelbase hub adapter. We think depending on the QR hub you use you might want to use a steering wheel hub extension, as the wheel hub adapter isn’t as long as some wheels. We often find something like an 80mm to 100mm steering wheel extension is ideal.

What’s included?

  • High quality USB coiled cable with a threaded DIN style connector for the rear of the wheel case
  • Screws and nuts to mount on the wheelbase
  • Stickers
  • Manual


  • Full carbon fibre body
  • 3” wide angle colour LCD by Ultimate Game Tech
  • 15 rpm LEDs
  • 6 “marshal” LEDs
  • Polyurethane rubber grips
  • Analog joystick/thumbstick

13 configurable push-buttons:

  • 8 highest quality industrial push-buttons with snap action
  • 4 high-quality tactile switches arranged in D-Pad configuration
  • Configurable center push on analog joystick
  • 6 thumb rotary encoders
  • 2 potentiometers
  • 12 position switch
  • Tempered glass display cover
  • All aluminium knobs


Q:  What wheelbases can I attach this wheel to?
A: You can mount this wheel to any Simucube, VRS, Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheel. Most of the time all you require is the hub (for a Simucube / VRS etc see our accessories page). For Thrustmaster and Logitec an adapter is available via Rexing (please contact us for more information).

Q: Is this wheel Playstation / XBOX compatible?
A: This wheel is PC copmpatible only.

Q: Can I mount this to a Fanatec DD2 of CSL DD?
A: Yes, Sim Racing Machines make a universal hub adapter that tricks your Fanatec wheelbase into thinking you’ve mounted a Fanatec wheel. This QR hub adapter has the correct PCD drilling to mount this wheel. You can also use the Fanatec Podium Hub.

Q: Is UGT compatible with my simulator?
A: UGT is compatible with most if not all known current simulation platforms including iRacing, Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom, rF2, American Truck Simulator, Richard Burns Rally, Project Cars 2 and more.

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