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The Sim-Lab GT1-Evo sim racing cockpit is the most cost-effective introduction to a serious sim racing setup available today.

The efficient and smart design means there is enough rigidity for all Fanatec / Heusinkveld and Simucube equipment in the pedal base and wheel deck, but al almost half the price of some “high-end” sim chassis.

With no flex comes better pedal control and driving accuracy which can offer a big gain in ultimate pace.

Enjoy better adjustability and ergonomic positioning of your seat, pedals and wheel making long stints in the sim more comfortable and less tiring.

If you are just starting out in the world of sim racing and want to feel confident that the gear you buy today will be relevant tomorrow, look not further than the Sim-Lab GT1-Evo sim racing cockpit.

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If you’re researching how you might build your very first sim racing rig, you’ve found the right product. We are very excited about the possibilities the Sim-Lab GT1-Evo sim racing cockpit creates, especially at a beginner level.

Thanks to the aluminium profile construction and shared components with its bigger brother, the P1-X, you can confidently make an entrance into sim racing while knowing that you can always upgrade components later with the P1-X upgrade kit. The GT1-Evo is available in 2 colours, black anodized and natural (silver) anodized.

Expect the usual high-quality Sim-Lab product at an entry level price making this one of the best options for a new sim racer who doesn’t want to find themselves in a dead end on the upgrade path.

Build a solid sim racing cockpit on a shoestring without compromising on component quality. In fact, you can build a high-end rig with this chassis using a direct drive wheelbase and Heusinkveld Sprint pedals and everything else you need to go racing for as little as €4,500. Speak to us if you need a hand with choosing your wheel, pedals, and wheelbase!

The GT1-Evo kit consists of all the components you will need to construct the frame, with the angle adjustable wheel deck and pedal plate attached. The wheel deck accommodates a wide variety of wheelbases with no modifications needed including Fanatec CSL / CSL DD / Thrustmaster / Logitech / Accuforce V2 wheelbases. The 5mm thick pedal tray is compatible with Heusinkveld Sprint sim pedals and all Fanatec / Thrustmaster and Logitech units.

For wheelbase and pedal compatibility see the list below.

Construction is very easy with all the parts you need included, just make sure you have a flat blade screwdriver to occasionally remove the index lugs on the L brackets and a good set of Allen keys that can accept the high torque levels you need to tighten all of the assembly bolts.

The 5mm thick high tensile steel pedal deck with adjustable angles and height means no more flex on the beginner to intermediate level pedal sets, giving you an immediate improvement in your car control, trail braking and throttle control.


What’s included?

The kit consists of:

  • 40x80mm and 40x40mm aluminium profile sections
  • Cast aluminium brackets with index anti-rotation tabs
  • All slide nuts (T nuts) and bolts required for assembly (shared with the P1-X rig)
  • 5mm thick high tensile steel pedal deck pre-drilled (see “compatible pedals”)
  • Fanatec / Thrustmaster / Logitech / Accuforce V2 compatible wheel deck mount with mount brackets
  • Rubber feet to prevent floor scratches
  • Aluminium profile side-mount and corner brackets for mounting peripherals such as a sequential shifter

What options do I need to choose?

The GT1-Evo is available in 2 colours, black anodized and natural (silver) anodized. As the GT1-Evo is designed for a specific range of wheels and pedals, check for compatibility with your equipment below. If you want to mount a Simucube or front mounting MiGE style motor drive unit, or if you have a side mounting Fanatec DD1 or DD2, check the optional purchases list below.

What options should I buy separately?

Sim-Lab offer shifter mounting plates that allow you more freedom with the mounting angle of the shifter.

A heel plate is not included (some pedal sets come with heel plates built in) but the Sim-Lab heel plate v3 is compatible with the GT1-Evo.

If you want to get your sim rig perfectly level, or to just raise it off the floor, adjustable feet can be purchased separately. You can also use caster wheels to make moving this sim rig around far easier!

Seat and brackets are not included so, you will need a motorsport seat (choose from our collection here) and a seat bracket set. Bolts are provided in the kit to mount the seat.

We offer a keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side of the cockpit and a pedal slider base plate kit is available.

If in the future you would like to update your GT1-Evo to a P1-X and upgrade kit is available for this which includes adjustable feet, the wider aluminium profile components, the laser cut sandwich plates and pedal plate.

Useful links

Wheels compatible with the Simlab GT1-Evo:

  • Fanatec CSL DD
  • Fanatec Clubsport wheel V1+2+2.5
  • Fanatec Elite steering wheel
  • Thrustmaster T500RS, T300RS, TX
  • AccuForce V1 + V2
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29

Pedals compatible with the Simlab GT1-Evo:

  • Fanatec Clubsport Pedals
  • Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC
  • Heusinkveld Sprint
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29
  • Thrustmaster T500RS, TX, TLCM (latest version)

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is a monitor mount included?
A: No monitor mounts must be purchased separately. We offer the Sim-Lab Triple Monitor Mount (19″ – 42″) VESA (available here) or the GT1-EVO Single screen mount (available here).

Q: Is the GT1-Evo easy to build?
A: Yes – all the components and instructions are provided. Just make sure you own a high quality set of Allen keys so no slips occur when tightening the bolts.

Q: What size is the GT1-Evo?
A: The footprint of the GT1 Evo sim racing chassis are 1350 x 580 mm. The height of the upright in total are 660 mm.

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