Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Sim Racing Cockpit


Introducing the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro, the latest addition to the Internationally respected Sim-Lab. The GT1 Pro, with its all-new 2023 design, boasts an unparalleled rigid structure designed to handle intense racing dynamics, especially with high-end direct-drive wheels.

Its sleek black design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The assembly process has been revised with pre-drilled holes in the profile sections, eliminating the need for corner brackets.

Supplied with a side mount for shifters, handbrakes, and other accessories, it’s the perfect platform for your sim racing setup.

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In stock

All new 2023 design

Upgrade your sim racing hardware with the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro sim racing cockpit. This sim racing rig stands out with its all-new 2023 design, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality are top notch. The robust structure is designed specifically to handle high torque loads from high-end direct-drive wheels and pedals, ensuring that critical “flex-free” racing experience even during the most intense sessions.

Rapid assembly

The GT1 Pro design isn’t just about its strength; it’s about your speed. Not only does it give you the platform you need to be fast on the racetrack, but its pre-drilled holes and absence of corner brackets ensure a far quicker assembly process. Its side mount, designed for a range of accessories, allows for a highly customizable racing setup tailored to your individual preferences and equipment.

Assembly is easy. Designed with the user in mind, its structure and assembly instructions ensure a quick and pain free setup, allowing you to jump into your racing session without delay.


Looking at GT1 Pro compatibility, we think it covers everything. The new wheel and pedal deck, each crafted from a single piece of aluminum, ensures effortless mounting for a wide range of wheels and pedals. Whether you’re using Fanatec, Logitech, Thrustmaster, Simucube, Asetek, VRS, Heusinkveld or any other popular manufacturer, the GT1 Pro is ready to accommodate.

Trusted by elite teams

Join the ranks of champions and experience a racing setup trusted by elite teams like the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team. With the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro, you’re not just buying a cockpit; you’re building a solid foundation upon which your sim racing can be given the scope to improve.

Compatible Wheelbases:

  • AccuForce V1, V2
  • Fanatec CSL Elite steering wheel
  • Fanatec CSL, CSL-DD/Pro/GT, DD1, DD2
  • Fanatec Clubsport wheel V1/2/2.5
  • Lenze MCS12 series
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920/G923
  • Logitech Pro
  • MiGe 130ST (small, big)
  • Moza R5, R9, R16/21
  • Simagic Alpha Mini DD, Ultimate
  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate
  • Thrustmaster T248, T300/TX, T500RS
  • Thrustmaster TC-PS, TS-XW

Compatible Pedals:

  • Asetek Invicta & Forte
  • Augury Pedals 121 (with Augury baseplate)
  • BJ Steel F1/GT
  • Fanatec CSL/CSL Elite Pedals LC
  • Fanatec Clubsport V3, Inverted V3
  • Fanatec Elite pedals
  • Heusinkveld Pro, Sprint, Ultimate, Ultimate+
  • Insim Talento
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920
  • Logitech Pro Pedals
  • Meca Cup Pedals
  • SimCoaches P1-3
  • SimWorkx Pro pedals
  • Simagic P2000 Pedals (with Simagic baseplate)
  • Simtrecs ProPedal GT
  • Thrustmaster T300, T-LCM, T3PA
  • VRS DirectForce Pro

What’s in the box?

  • Aluminium profiles and mounting materials
  • Wheel deck mount
  • Brackets for the front mount wheels
  • Pedal deck
  • Side mount for accessories
  • Bolts for mounting seats and peripherals
  • Rubber feet

What additional items will I need to get started?

You’ll need a monitor mount and seats. The GT1 Pro is compatible with the GT1 Pro Integrated Single Monitor Mount or the GT1 Pro Integrated Triple Monitor Mount (depending on your preferred display setup). The cockpit is also not supplied with a seat, brackets and seat slider. These are standard fitments so any of our seats and seat brackets will fit this cockpit. There’s also an option to have adjustable sim feet or you can add trolley wheels to make moving your fully built simulator far easier.

Useful links

– Manual


Q: What wheelbases are compatible with the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro?
A: The Sim-Lab GT1 Pro is designed to be compatible with popular wheel models such as Fanatec CSL DD, All Simucube 2 variants and more – we’ve supplied a list above for you to review.

Q: How does the side-mounting feature of the GT1 Pro enhance the racing experience?
A: The side-mount feature of the GT1 Pro offers a unique customization aspect, allowing users to attach handbrakes, shifters, and other accessories easily, ensuring a personalized and ergonomic racing experience.

Q: Is the assembly process for the GT1 Pro user-friendly?
A: Absolutely! The GT1 Pro has been engineered with the user in mind. Pre-drilled holes and a corner bracket-free design ensure a swift and straightforward assembly process, including clear and well presented assembly instructions.

Q: What other features set the GT1 Pro apart from other racing cockpits in the market?
A: The GT1 Pro boasts an all-new 2023 design, a flex-free structure, compatibility with a wide range of gear, and is trusted by professional esports teams like the Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team. Sim-Lab equipment is very well thought out and finished to a high standard. Their customer support is also very good.

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