Sim-Lab Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount


Get you monitor display perfectly aligned with the Sim-Lab Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount. This single-screen mount (with options for triple support) offers perfect monitor alignment through Sim-Lab’s patented Vario-Vesa™ technology, adjustable monitor distance, and a sleek, integrated design. Crafted from premium materials, it’s compatible with P1X, P1X Pro, GT1 Evo, GT1 Pro sim racing cockpits, and most third party profile rigs. Get ready for that improvement in the immersive experience like never before.

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Upgrade  sim racing setup with the Sim-Lab Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount—an indispensable addition to your sim racing cockpit. Engineered to deliver the ultimate solution for attaching your displays, this mount is all about precision, adjustability, and style.

Perfect Monitor Alignment with Vario-Vesa™: Say farewell to misaligned monitors. The Sim-Lab Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount comes standard with the Sim-Lab patented Vario-Vesa™ system, simplifying the process of positioning and aligning your monitors by making fine adjustments with the Hex bolts. Adjusting the screws allow for precise calibration of monitor tilt, angle, and position, ensuring your screens seamlessly merge into a unified, distortion-free panoramic view that mirrors the driver’s perspective from a real cockpit.

Adjustable Monitor Distance: Achieve the perfect setup with ease. Horizontal mounting brackets equipped with slots enable you to customize the distance between your monitors to suit your preferences. By simply loosening two bolts on each side, you can slide the entire setup closer or farther from your eyes. This feature ensures optimal monitor positioning based on your seating position and use of steering wheel and dashes.

Cockpit Appeal: Sim-Lab has not stopped at functionality; their goal was to enhance the overall appearance of your cockpit. By eliminating the need for a separate structure, employing top-tier materials, and meticulous design, we offer an ideal option for achieving a sleek and polished, simplified and tidier cockpit look.


The Sim-Lab Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount is constructed with a focus on durability and performance. It incorporates high-quality steel and aluminium castings and precision materials, guaranteeing that it can withstand the rigors of sim racing while maintaining its futuristic appearance.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Single Screen
Compatibility: P1X, P1X Pro, GT1 Evo, GT1 Pro sim racing cockpits, and other 80/20 cockpits
VESA Compatibility: Universal VESA (75x75mm and 100x100mm)
Maximum Monitor Size: Up to 43 inches (single monitor)
Weight Capacity: Designed for stability and reliability
Tilt Range: -10° to +45°
Swivel Range: 180°
Height Adjustment Range: 0 to 10 inches (0 to 25 cm)

Monitor Support:

  • Compatible with monitors with VESA 75×75 or VESA 100×100
  • Optional VESA 200/300 plate adds compatibility with VESA 200×200 and 200×300 monitors
  • Single monitor support up to 43 inches
  • Triple monitor support up to 32 inches

What’s in the box?

  • Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount
  • Mounting Hardware and fixings
  • Assembly Instructions

Useful Links:

Assembly manual


Q: Can I use this monitor mount with my GT1 Evo or GT1 Pro sim racing cockpit?
A: Yes, the Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount is compatible with Sim-Lab’s GT1 Evo and GT1 Pro sim racing cockpits, as well as other 80/20 cockpits that have adequate vertical wheelbase support profile sections.

Q: What is the maximum size of a single display that this mount can accommodate?
A: This monitor mount can support single displays of up to 43 inches, providing you with the flexibility you need for an immersive racing experience.

Q: Is the Vario-Vesa™ technology included with this mount for perfect alignment?
A: Absolutely. Vario-Vesa™ technology is integrated into this mount, allowing precise adjustments for tilt, angle, and position, ensuring your monitors seamlessly blend into a distortion-free panoramic view.

Q: Can I adjust the angle of triple displays easily with this mount?
A: Yes, the built-in pivot adapters enable you to easily alter the angle of your triple displays to customize your field of view without concerns about sagging.

Q: Is this monitor mount suitable for heavy displays?
A: Indeed, the Integrated Vario™ Monitor Mount is designed to handle heavier displays with ease, ensuring stability and reliability during intense sim racing sessions.

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