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Make a step into the world of extruded aluminium, ultra-rigid sim racing cockpits with SimLab’s market leading P1-X.

Experience a leap forward in your pedal control and driving accuracy, thanks to the zero-flex nature of a properly designed professional sim chassis.

Get better adjustability and positioning of your race seat, perfect ergonomic positioning for your pedals and wheel and, most importantly, eliminate flex of any sort.

If you are building a professional grade simulator, you should base it on the P1-X, the sim rig of choice for the Mercedes AMG Esports team.

P1-X Manual

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The very popular and well known “8020” style Simlab P1-X sim racing rig is the market leading product for good reason. A successor to the P1, the P1-X comes with all the refinements you would expect from SimLab, with compatibility for all major sim racing wheelbase and pedal manufacturers.

Assemble, mount your favourite race seat (not included) with standard Motorsport seat brackets (also not included), using the bolt and bracket kit provided, ready to add your choice of wheelbase and sim racing pedals.

Zero flex design philosophy

Experience no momentary flex through your wheelbase with the P1-X wheel deck (for bottom mounting wheelbases), front mount (for Simucube / MiGE style units) or Podium DD mount (side mounts for Podium Fanatec series wheelbases).

Use the maximum brake force your pedals were designed for with SimLab’s innovative pedal tray. The tray will accommodate all popular pedals including Heusinkveld and Fanatec.

Simucube 2 Ultimate - AMG Petronas Official Esports team Supplier

Easy to install thanks to smart solutions

The chassis comes ready for assembly with the manual included. Easily assemble extruded aluminium sections with ball sprung “t-nut” (slide bolts), bolts and corner brackets included. The corner brackets have small lugs that make alignment easier when constructing the chassis, and they will not twist out of alignment when you’re tightening the bolts.

SimLab’s reworked pedal tray adds stiffness to allow you to use your full braking force potential. It is compatible with all major pedal manufacturer mounting slots. The base can be flipped to allow inverted pedals.
The finish of the chassis is of a very high-quality powder coat finish with 10mm “sandwich plates” for absolute stiffness for the upright mounts.

P1-X sim racing cockpit - Black -Wheel deck - with accessories 3
P1-X sim racing cockpit - Black -Wheel deck - with accessories 4

P1-X shown with: Button Box mount, Base plate with slider, Direct Drive wheel, Sparco LF II, Seat brackets, Heuinskveld Ultimate pedal set.

What’s included?

The kit consists of:
  • 40 x 160 mm aluminium profile base
  • 40 x 120mm aluminium profile uprights
  • Aluminium front mount wheel deck (unless alternative options are selected), pedal mounts and upright mounts (sandwich plates)
  • All bolts, brackets and t-nuts needed for construction and seat mounting

What options do I need to choose?

Select your wheel mount based on the type of wheelbase you own, “Front mount”, “Wheel deck” or “Fanatec DD”. Front mount is intended for MiGE style motors such as the VRS DD or Simucube direct drive range. If you own a Fanatec CSL DD, CSL Elite, Logitech or Thrustmaster then the wheel deck option is for you. If you own a Fanatec Podium direct drive wheelbase, you can mount using the side mount with the Fanatec DD option.

What options should I buy separately?

If you want to get your sim rig perfectly level, or to just raise it off the floor, adjustable feet can be purchased separately. You can also use caster wheels to make moving this sim rig around far easier!

As a seat is not included, you will need a standard motorsport seat and seat bracket set. Bolts are provided to mount the seat.

If you would like to adjust the angle of your shifter, mounting plates are available as an extra add on.

A heel plate is not included for the pedals.

We offer a keyboard tray that can be mounted on either side of the cockpit.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is there really a big difference between a budget sim racing cockpit and a P1-X?
A: The short answer is yes! As an example, we were working with a customer whose old sim rig has a pedal plate that flexed as much as 4 degrees during use. $ degrees of flex on a brake pedal that moves through 30 degrees is a large percentage. Movement makes consistency very difficult to achieve – remove the movement or “flex” and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

Q: Is the P1-X easy to build?
A: Yes – with a bit of patience and the right tools (a good set of Allen keys) you can put your sim rig together in a few hours. Most of our customers appreciate having our support in case they have any questions. Always allow plenty of time to do the job well, follow the instructions and tighten everything once you are happy with the layout. It’s important to always jump in and test for wheel angle and distance to the pedals.  Schematic instructions and a parts list are available as a download.

Q: Is it heavy?
A: Yes! Be sure to build the sim rig where you’ll end up using it. Without any equipment mounted the P1-X weighs 55kg. With equipment mounted it can be around 100kgs!

Wheel Deck Version:

  • Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
  • Fanatec Elite wheel series
  • Fanatec Podium DD wheels DD1, DD2
  • Thrustmaster wheels (T500RS, TC-PS, TS-XW, T300RS, T-GT)
  • Logitech G25, G27, G29
  • AccuForce V1/V2

Front Mounting Version:

  • Fanatec Club Sport Wheels
  • MiGe 130ST (small, big)
  • Bodnar 50 series
  • Lenze MCS12 series
  • SimuCube 2 Sport, Pro, Ultimate

Podium DD wheel Version:

  • Fanatec Podium DD1 & DD2 wheel

 CSL DD wheel Version:

  • Fanatec  CSL DD wheel
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Front mount, Wheel deck, Fanatec DD, Fanatec CSL DD

Sim feet

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