Sim-Lab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit


Step into the future of sim racing platforms with the Sim-Lab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit. Engineered for convenience during the build and of course, the ultimate immersive experience, this cockpit caters to enthusiasts seeking unparalleled stability, customizable features, and a sleek, professional design.

The build process has been carefully thought out by Sim-Lab, with highly customised, heavy duty aluminium profile mounts and predrilled sections making this an advanced cockpit that takes very little time and effort to construct. Assembly is made doubly easier with a detailed manual and all the right fixings and tools supplied.

This, we think, is the new flagship sim racing cockpit to own in 2024. Experience the pinnacle of sim racing with equipment trusted by the best. The Mercedes‑AMG PETRONAS Esports Team’s drivers choose Sim-Lab equipment for their journey to victory in the most competitive sim racing events on the planet.

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Purchase this product to earn 685 Points worth 13,70  + VAT, or multiplied by up to 3x, depending on your Loyalty level. Log in to collect and redeem points!

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All Sim Racing Cockpits are not the same

The SimLab P1X Pro Sim Racing Cockpit is not just a piece of equipment; it’s the gateway to a serious update for your home simulator setup in the pursuit of a truly fun, immersive racing situation.

Every detail is meticulously crafted, from its robust aluminum structure to its versatile adjustability, ensuring a seamless blend of performance, comfort, and durability.

Designed with input from professional drivers, the P1X Pro stands out in comparison to every cockpit in this price range. It accommodates a wide array of setups, from beginner to professional rigs, reflecting Sim-Lab’s commitment to accessible high-performance simulation.

If you’re an intermediate sim racer, and you’re planning further upgrades later in the season, this is a platform to build every conceivable setup upon. Sim-Lab’s trademark logo is present on the anodized countersunk washers around the build – there’s a great deal attention to detail applied to this cockpit.


The P1X Pro’s construction speaks volumes about its quality. Heavy-duty aluminum profiles form its backbone, offering exceptional rigidity and stability. Sim-Lab have designed this platform from the “ground up” with innovative and very heavy duty sandwich plates to further enhance structural integrity, ensuring this rig can withstand intense racing for years and years to come.

Sim-Lab’s attention to fine detail extends to its aesthetic appeal, characterized by a sleek, modern design that complements any racing setup.

Compatibility: Pedal Manufacturers

The pedal plate (provided) is universally compatible with all current sim racing pedal manufacturer designs. Their compatibility list with pedal manufacturers includes:

  1. Sim-Lab
  2. Augury
  3. Asetek
  4. BJ Steel
  5. Fanatec
  6. Heusinkveld
  7. Insim
  8. Logitech
  9. Meca
  10. Simagic
  11. SimCoaches
  12. Simtrecs
  13. SimWorkx
  14. Thrustmaster
  15. VRS

Compatibility: Wheelbase Manufacturers

Depending on your needs, be it front mount, wheel deck mounting of Fanatec side mount, the configuration options allow compatibility with all current products from:

  1. Bodnar
  2. Fanatec
  3. Lenze
  4. MiGe
  5. Simagic
  6. SimuCube
  7. VRS
  8. Asetek
  9. AccuForce
  10. Logitech
  11. Moza
  12. Thrustmaster

Technical Specifications:

Material: Premium heavy-duty aluminum profiles
Assembly: User-friendly with pre-drilled holes and detailed instructions
Compatibility: Extensive, accommodating a wide range of sim racing accessories
Design: Engineered for customization and adaptability

What’s in the Box?

  • Aluminium profiles and mounting materials
  • Wheel deck mount or front/side mount (depending on options chosen)
  • Brackets for front mount wheels (depending on options chosen)
  • Pedal deck
  • Side mount for accessories
  • Bolts for mounting seats and peripherals
  • Adjustable feet set

Optional add-ons:

  • P1X Pro Integrated Single Monitor Mount
  • P1X Pro Integrated Triple Monitor Mount

Various racing seats compatible with SimLab/Generic Motorsport seat mount brackets including:

  • Sim-Lab Speed1 Blue
  • Sim-Lab Speed1 Black
  • Sparco Grid Q – Gaming Seat
  • Sparco Circuit II – Gaming Seat
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Front mount, Wheeldeck