Sim-Lab pedal slider baseplate


Do you need to change the pedals position for different drivers? We have a simple solution for you: the Sim-Lab pedal slider baseplate.

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*Updated* The baseplate allows pedals being mounted on the Sim-Lab seat slider, which makes it easy to quickly adjust the position of the pedals relative to the seat. Also, it can be used without the seat slider forming a heel-rest and solid mounting point for pedals. The pedal plate is now 12 mm thick instead of 10 mm making it even more rigid as before.

Compatible with P1-X, P1, and old GT1 rig as well as 80/20 based pedal decks. Baseplate is not compatible with GT1-EVO rig except with the 2020 version (with steel pedal deck).

The new updated universal pedal plate is compatible with:
Heusinkveld Pro’s / Sprint / Ultimate pedal sets

  • Fanatec V3 & Elite pedals
  • Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals & TCP


  • Baseplate
  • Spacers for offsetting the baseplate from the seat slider and countersunk screws
  • Bolts & nuts for mounting the pedals
  • For the heel plate spacers and mounting material

Not included:

  • Seat slider (optional)
  • Heel plate (optional)
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Dimensions 40 × 35 × 10 cm


Pedal plate only, Pedal plate with seat slider, Pedal plate with seat slider and heel plate