Sim-Lab Triple Monitor Mount (19″ – 42″) VESA


Triple monitor mount free standing. The perfect compliment to your sim-racing rig! This stand doesn’t suffer from sagging arms, unlike many other premium brands. It is rock-solid, for the demanding sim racer! Made from high-grade aluminium profile extrusion.

Triple Monitor Mount 75/100 Manual

Triple Monitor Mount 100/200 Manual

New mounting plate for 75/100 and 100/200 Triple Monitor Mounts

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A triple monitor mounts free standing made from high-grade aluminium profiles. No flex! It’s adjustable in height and arms can swivel. The triple brackets attaching the arms to the base reach a critical stress point when loaded by 150 kg dead weight, just to indicate there is more than enough overhead.

The triple monitor mount comes as a building kit and can be easily assembled with basic tools. The VESA monitor mounts are fitted with slotted holes so final adjustments can be made to position the monitors in an optimum way.

Key features triple monitor mount:

  • Two versions available; light and heavy version.
  • The angle of sidearms adjustable (40-75 deg.)
  • Height is adjustable. Total height 1240 mm excluding monitors.
  • Building plan can be downloaded
  • No sagging of the arms, pivot bracket set included.

Compatibility 75/100 Light Version:

  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors up until 31.5 Inch
  • Wide 21:9 aspect ratio monitors up to 27 Inch

Compatibility 100/200 Heavy Version:

  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors VESA 100 up until 35 Inch
  • Normal 16:9 aspect ratio monitors VESA 200 up until 42 Inch
  • Wide 21:9 aspect ratio monitors up until 32 Inch

Materials in the kit:

  • Aluminium profiles
  • All bolts needed including the VESA M4x10 bolts
  • Vesa plates
  • Pivot plates
  • connector brackets
  • Upright connector brackets
  • Rubber feet

Rafal: “The best triple monitor stand in my life. I can’t believe how stiff and sturdy it is. No movement, no flex in the left & right arms, fully adjustable without problems mounted my 27 inch monitors. Instructions how to assembly all pieces together is clear and very easy to understand. And if you have any problems Richard help you immediately. Great customer service. If you still considering to buy one. Stop and click on the buy button!!”

Peter: “Quite honestly the last monitor stand you will ever buy! This thing is solid as a rock. Once everything is set up and tightened down the monitors don’t move at all! Everything is perfectly level, the bezels align perfectly.”


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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 130 × 40 × 40 cm


100/200, 75/100